So Who’s Telling the Truth?

An interesting story of possible sexual harassment.  Or – is it something else?

In a letter to the paper’s editor, Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon accused Carol Rosenberg of “multiple incidents of abusive and degrading comments of an explicitly sexual nature.”   Gordon, who deals primarily with the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison, said in the letter that this was a “formal sexual harassment complaint” and asked the Herald for a “thorough investigation.”

“Her behavior has been so atrocious over the years,” Gordon said in an interview.   “I’ve been abused worse than the detainees have been abused.”

Worse than the detainees?  Really?  That’s quite the claim, Commander.

One friend, Los Angeles Times reporter Carol Williams, dismissed the letter, saying, “This is an attempt to discredit a journalist who has managed to transcend incredible odds to cover a story of tremendous significance to the American public.”

They’re trying to sort it out.  Have to keep track of this one.

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