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broken_laptopOh Yippee!  I finally have enough disposable income to fix my laptop.  Now I can get back to blogging more often, more regularly.

I have my old HP tower which given its age is still quite the work horse.  It’s only a Pentium 3 …. it’s a plodding work horse.  Now there’s the computer from work place that I also have at home  – it’s about a year old and that is to be used just for work, and given the connection I have, it’s instanteous, so it’s been known to fill in at times.

I’m psyched….


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  1. Yippie, hip, hip hooray

  2. Ohmigawd! Mitch MILLER!! I kinda remember watching the showing as a wee lass.

    It’s been hotter than hell here and we’ve been floating the river, eating watermelon, taking naps, and then starting the cycle again. We were almost convinced yesterday at 106 that Boise HAD been transformed into hell. You know, I cannot imagine living in Baghdad where it gets up to 120! without air conditioning. But those lucky Iraqis get to do it…..thanks to – ?

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