Robert is Still Missing

I don’t think I’ve ever weighed in on a local story like this, but this one has just totally creeped me out from the beginning.  Just ‘had a bad feeling’ ya might say.

robert manwillBOISE – Robert Manwill was last seen at 9:30 p.m.  Friday near his home in the 2800 block of West Cherry Lane.

Robert may have been wearing a brown shirt with “Andy don’t need no Mic” on the back, or a blue shirt with a Superman symbol on the front.  He was wearing blue jeans and black shoes.  He is 4 feet 11 inches, 50 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.  Seen Robert? Call Ada County Dispatch at 377-6790.

This kid has been missing since July 24th.  The circumstances explaining how he just happened to wander off …… or something ….. are just too disconcerting.  Then information started coming out about the mother’s criminal record and all kinds of other straight-up weird shit.  Then the printed T-shirts came out.  It just seemed too much.

This is one of my favorites:

Wallis said the police were digging up his backyard after bloodhounds picked up a scent at his house.

He said his black-and-gray Chevy Suburban was stolen July 22 after someone came into his house and took the keys.   He found it Monday after returning from a weekend away and called the Ada County Sheriff’s Department.


He said he and his wife have been re-doing their backyard, planting grass and adding a sandbox.  He said he did not notice any disturbances in the backyard, which he said was large and had “a lot of junk” in it.

“It makes me sick to know this is going down at my house right now,” he said. “I didn’t do nothing back there.  I’m not going to say for the record nothing’s back there because I don’t know.  Maybe something did happen along the lines when I was out of town.

Chris at has more on the update on the search for Robert.  I am impressed at teh number of folks who came out to give time searching for this kid.

And, I’m no attorney by any stretch of that on-line law degree program Orly Taitz attended, but I would tell Mr. Wallis to shut the hell up – regardless of innocence or guilt – when it comes to speaking to the media here, specifically The Statesman and the TV channels.  They are NOT your friends, dude.

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