Someone Killed This Boy

Sitting at the computer Monday afternoon, a ‘breaking news’ email came in from the Idhao Statesman.  Opening it, I read that a young boy’s body had been found floating in the New York Canal out by Kuna.   I gasped, and almost started crying.   Turning on the TV I followed KTVB for a bit.  I stopped when I saw the body language of a couple of deputies.  It seemed so resigned . . . . so disappointed.  And I knew then.

From the beginning, this story creeped me out.  There was just too much weird shit going on involving the adults in this child’s life from unbelievable criminal activity involving child abuse, jail time for different offenses, accusations – just amazingly dysfunctional and disgusting.  Search parties were organized and thousands of volunteers showed up to scour neighborhoods.  The FBI was brought in along with cadaver and rescue dogs.  A home several miles from Robert’s home is searched with parts of the background dug up along with a weird ass story involving the disappearance of the family Suburban while out-of-town.  It was just too much.

The Statesman has a timeline from the time Robert Manwill went missing until his little body was found in the canal off Deer Flat Road & Cloverdale.  Following an autopsy and coroner findings that little Robert was murdered, the latest today has the Boise police chief vowing to find those responsible.

Police still won’t name any suspects or even people of interest.  Kerns said police would not prematurely release anything that could “compromise the legal procedures” and the integrity of their case.

Even reading the latest from the Statesman today you can get a feel for the kind of life this young boy was in the midst of living.  In a story where his teachers commented on his physical need in expressing and receiving affection.

Every day at school, Robert hugged his teachers. He freely embraced his best buddies, including some who felt they were getting too grown up for such unsolicited displays of affection.

“He was a sweet, sweet boy, always wanting hugs, and hugging other kids,” said Christy Morales, who was Robert’s second-grade teach

I hope his little soul is at peace receiving all the love he needs from the great loving spirit creator that occupies the universe.


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  1. It all makes me heartsick.

  2. It’s terrible…and we’re all going to feel even worse as the details of what happened are revealed, I’m sure. My husband was remarking the other day that whomever they arrest will surely need to be wearing Kevlar when they are transported around–the community seems to be *that* engaged and enraged.

  3. Heartsick is a good word, Tara. I think – now – yeah, that could describe the body language of those two deputies I saw on KTVB when it was live.

    And Casey – if you’ve read ANY of the comments on the Idaho Statesman site, some of them are just as downright disgusting as this entire mess. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord and some of the Statesman readers.

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