Lint Balls of the Lunatic Fringe

The level of ignorance is deepening in this country especially so in the debate health care.  Jeralyn at Talk Left has a couple of good posts on meetings ‘in and around’ Denver with links to pictures.

Here’s a favorite of mine.   Good Luck with that, I say.

At the first link, Mike Ditto who has been Jeralyn’s web master and worked for Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) as communications director had his car vandalized – pictures at flickR pics of Mark’s car. Silly boy, he left a flyer on the back seat of his car.  Doesn’t he know cars are public property unless they’re in your pocket?

One of my co-rowdies at Les Enrages has this video up of his experience in Denver.

It just seems to be a platform for a hodge-podge of issues with the lunatic fringe having other little lint ball lunatics hanging off the fringe.

The White House has a website now to counter the avalanche of bullshit – Reality Check – and here, specifically is something about killing old folks Medicare.


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  1. Thanks for the links to Reality Check. I appreciate the dignified and reasonable explanations that leave panic and hysteria in the dust. The vid was interesting as well, though no surprising. How pathetic that they have kids involved in that madness.

  2. You hit the nail squarely on it’s little head Wordsmith. These folks have no clue about how Medicare is run or by whom or the VA for that matter. Our police and fire dept’s are also socialistic in nature and I believe all of them work just friggin fine.

  3. Damn! I forgot to mention THE V.A.!

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