Heads Up, Virginia. Talibani Bob is Coming

Virginia State SealOne of the places I frequent is Jack & Jill Politics.  Over the past several months that I’ve actually been reading I’ve noted at least two posters who come out of a conservative (GOP) paradigm.  One is working to get Robert McDonnell elected as governor in Virginia and has commented on ‘the battle’ regularly at JJP.  I think some cut him far too much slack, especially after reading his blog – The Dillard Doctrine.

A comment was left in the form of a question regarding the education of D’s candidate – specifically, his education as an attorney.  Stumbling across an entry regarding Mr. McDonnell’s law education at firedoglake, I responded:

Someone left a question to ‘D’ about his candidate, Bob McDonnell. If I recall correctly, it was a question regarding where Mr. McDonnell obtained his law degree. From firedoglake – Meet Bob McDonnell

“1) Bob McDonnell earned his law degree from Pat Robertson’s Regent University Law School where he was taught to “think Christianly about the law.” Regent’s goal has always been to train lawyers to move into government office and take over the reins to further the Christianists’ goals and Biblical world view.”

There’s more via a Norfolk blogger as well as more at firedoglake.

Taliban Bob ….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CDWuf3eEc8

I don’t live there.  Off the top of my head, no one I personally know lives there.  There are plenty of folks with whom I’m in touch via blogs who do and some are quite alarmed.  There are three months until the election and if I was a resident of Virgina, it would be time for to get involved.  And D’s free pass? It’s fucking revoked.

One of the phrases I encountered multiple times was “Taliban Bob” referencing Bob McDonnell’s world view, and after that fight here in Idaho in the 90s regarding reproductive rights, the rise of the misnamed ‘Religious Right’, and the pendulum rushing to the far reaches of conservatism and religiosity that jolted to a halt for a minute when President Obama was elected.  The reference is obviously to those who are or at the very least working towards a theocracy.  I am not a fan of these Jesusistanis (as Jolly Roger calls ’em).  I grew up with them.  That was quite enough, thank you.

So heads up, Virginia!


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  1. Given the recent rise of armed protest by the “conservative” right, I think it is time to start considering just what we are looking at here. As it has always been, the religious agenda is using fear to mobilize it’s followers against a threat to the systems of social domination. I wonder if we are really foolish enough to believe that an ignorant, violent, unquestioning movement, like the one we are currently observing, could never take power. We should be able to understand that we are being dominated by these people, because they are intimidating any opposition to their cause. The whiney, pacifist, peace and love method will not work, and never has. That path is the path of the weak, if we do not wish to be dominated by an irrational and violent power structure, we will have to do whatever it takes to render it irrelevant. They are uncompromising, and so too must we be.

  2. ben –

    Well spoken. I’ve been pondering the same all week. I’m so disgusted by all this.

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