Who The Fuck Cares?

I personally want to know who it is that thinks THIS is sooo freakin’ important?

Are shorts appropriate for the country’s First Lady?  Let’s see – they’re on vacation; they’re at the Grand Canyon where’s it HOT.  What are you supposed to wear?  Whoever Robin Givhan is – she sounds too much like a leftover from the Valley Girl age.

You guys really need a hobby.  Who has time to worry about Michelle Obama wearing shorts?  She looks fine and is entitled to wear whatever she wants without having to worry about the juvenile and judgmental views of people who don’t have enough to do.

And there it is – someone doesn’t have enough to do.    Besides, it’s not like they were ‘Daisy Dukes’ as one poster pointed out!


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  1. Well… I don’t want to wearpants at all so why the hell should the first lady not be able to wear shorts? Go for it, Michelle. Mightas well wear shorts while you’ve got good looking legs!

  2. I’m pretty sure Michelle could care less, Tara, about all the hoopla. I know I do.

  3. Republicans are such hypocrites … where was the uproar when First Lady Barbara Bush was photographed wearing a Bikini in the National Mall’s Reflecting Pool?


  4. delmer:

    I’m thinking some of us would rather forget about Barbara Bush, her Bikini-wearing aside. And did Babs pay back “the gumint” for all that soap it took to clean out the Reflecting Pool? I thought not.

    BTW, we have a Delmar here.

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