They’ll Undoubtedly Will Be Missed

stpaulsOne of the greatest periods of my life was a 2-year span spent at St. Paul’s Student Center while attending BSU.  There were several of us that did a lot of stuff together – a good 7 to 8 most of the time, sometimes more.  For a good long while we would spend Fridays at someone’s home for lunch where we often had spaghetti, salad and bread.  We didn’t care; we were all together talking and arguing over all kinds of topics.  During Lent, we’d head down to to Skippers on Broadway (that is now some Mexican fast food place) for their lunch buffet of fish, chips, and chowder – and hush puppies.  There were parish dinners and picnics,  retreats, and those other occasions for just drinking.  We’d sit around playing backgammon, bullshitting, giving Sister Ellen and any other of the other staff a hard time.  And sometimes we’d even go to daily Mass at noon just to shock Fr. Bill.   Bill Steuber was the priest and it really was quite a  dynamic little  parish.  I even served as a Eucharistic minister and sometime sacristan, and I also happened to serve on the Parish Council, which is where Tom and Mary Woychick come in.

They were a couple who attended St.  Paul’s as some of their kids were attending BSU the same time I was.  Yesterday morning this couple was killed as they crossed Parkcenter Blvd on their way home from morning Mass.   Truthfully, I didn’t know them well other than knowing they were Mark’s parents –  and made little attempt as their being someone’s parents was somewhat off-putting – even though I was a parent myself  (my own daughter was around 7 at the time).   Now, having some time to think about it, they were probably younger than I am now.  However in serving as sacristan or Eucharistic minister I did have many occasions to speak to Mary – all I can tell you  is this.  She was a sweet, quiet, and busy woman, and this does sounds totally like them because I do remember that much about the parish; most of us were involved.

Our Lady of the Rosary Monsignor Dennis Wassmuth said Thursday morning the Woychicks were deeply involved in their church and the community — spending their time volunteering for groups like the Corpus Christi House, YMCA, and the Red Cross and helping out at Our Lady of the Rosary…… Mary was an active volunteer at a homeless day shelter and worked tirelessly to plan decorations at the church.

I’m still stunned, and especially sad for their eight children.   I think they were those kind of people we often think about who personify the gospel of Christ, and who really are few and far in between, and sometimes we don’t even know it at the time.

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