Gun Rights Debate ‘Sparked’?

This is the real background of the battlecowboys

My synopsis:  Some guy is photographing someone’s home. He’s confronted by the homeowner – who at 51 considers himself an “old man.”  A confrontation ensues.  Some guy photographing pulls a gun on the homeowner “to deescalate the situation” and then apparently leaves.  ‘Old man’ calls the police.  Police pick up some guy photographing and his gun.  However you should really read the background – it paints a fine picture of the story.

Then yesterday,  there was this headline where every time I read it, I giggled uproariously.

Idaho GOP leader has no concealed weapons permit

A[n] state Republican Party leader charged in 4th District Court with assault with a deadly weapon doesn’t have permit issued in Idaho to carry a concealed weapon.

Now – yet another headline this morning:

Meridian foreclosure altercation sparks gun rights debate in Idaho

All I could think was ‘Ohh….Lawd – now someone has jumped into the fire with these  other dumb shits.’  I don’t know who is doing the debating but this is quite telling regardless.

Tony Schewmaker, the Wells Fargo contractor who hired McAffee, knew him through libertarian-leaning groups such as We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education.

Schewmaker objected to the $50,000 bond, saying the steep figure resulted from 4th District Magistrate Judge Kevin Swain’s objections to the weapon. Schewmaker also keeps a handgun in his vehicle, in particular for business in isolated areas.

“Apparently, we can’t use a gun in our own protection,” Schewmaker said. “You can have it to look pretty. But if somebody is attempting to attack you, you can’t pull it out of the holster. That’s what I’m gathering from this.”

Firstly, Wells Fargo needs to rethink Mr. Schewmaker’s employment as a representative of their corporate image.  Gun-toting isn’t all that great for the banking business.

Secondly, Wells Fargo needs to rethink Mr. Schewmaker’s employment just for the lack of any kind of critical thinking skills.

  • Schewmaker objected to the bond’s, “steep figure” which apparently caused alarm bells to go off for Mr. Schewmaker as the judge having the problem. I think it’s the matter of having ‘no license – no permit as required by state law.
  • Further analysis from Schewmaker  – not being able to use a gun for protection, particularly in isolated areas.

Can I just say – I am so tired of these fucking buffoons talking about liberty and their constitutional rights.  What they really need is a good education course in the responsibilities of being a good citizen.  Rights and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

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  1. This could be the Sunday funnies puzzle: how many things can you find wrong with this picture?

    I’ll start with the fact that I’m nigh on 54, and unless I was kidding around with the grandkids (or trying to dupe a tennis opponent), I’d never refer to myself as “old.” Definitely not if I was itchin’ for a fight.

    (OTOH, staring down the barrel of a .357 might make me feel my age a bit.)

  2. Ya know, I just had a birthday; I turned 56. I wouldn’t consider myself old. What am I saying – wouldn’t! I don’t. My father is 88 and is hard pressed to call himself old. Can ya believe it?

    I guess the picture of Wells Fargo and the stagecoach they used to have as their logo is actually closer to the truth than we realize.

  3. Belated happy birthday, Wordsmith. I’m 56 too, and only feel old for about 10 minutes in the morning. Once I’ve had a coffee I’m OK.

    I would hope they’d throw the book at this asshat, but I doubt it. He’ll appear before a Republican judge and argue that he thought membership in the Republican party came with a free carry permit. The judge will then ask, “doesn’t it?” If the case isn’t thrown out on those grounds our Repuke friend will appeal to another Republican judge, on the grounds that he thought membership came with a get out of jail free card. Sooner or later some Republican will throw out the case. If not the governor will commute his sentence or pardon him outright.

    Sad, but at least not too far from the truth.

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