Why The Hell Should I Care?

Yet another unhinging of the caricature masking those who have no fucking clue.

Think Progress has a story in which the Omaha City Weekly (Nebraska) illustrated the lack of knowledge in a simple test of public policy.   Say, the ‘war front’ of Iraq for instance.  As reported by David Williams at the Omaha news weekly:

At least one thing is clear to the City Weekly; that each side is convinced that the other is ill informed. So the City Weekly devised a little quiz that might shed some light – if not on the veracity of competing healthcare claims – then at least on the political savvy of those making them.

Presented a blank map of the Middle East and surrounding area – one with county names removed – those attending the town hall were asked to point out Iraq, a country where we have waged war for over six years.

The idea was that those who consider themselves to be well informed on the state of America today should at least be able to identify a place where we have shed blood in a conflict that has lasted longer than our involvement in World War II.

It was an enlightening experiment, albeit – so totally unscientific.  However the results and observations are telling ranging from the blank map test was rigged to the reactions of the participants.

The most discouraging and “[P]perhaps saddest of all was the Viet Nam vet who spat, “Why the hell should I care where Iraq is?”

Exactly . . . . why should we care?


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  1. haha – exactly what I was thinking when I wrote “The Ugly American Rag”


    (and a newly added verse)


    — hippieprof

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