Missing Lightning Storms & Lightning Bugs

Last night there was a tremendous storm that didn’t too long. It was so powerful I lit a few candles because I fully expected the electricity to go out.  It started out with a bit of thunder, some fantastic lightning, hail the size of grapes hitting off my balcony, and ending with the gutters flooding out.  I wasn’t out in it, driving or even standing.  I was watching from inside, looking out the windows while the cats were watching me from under the bed.  They think I’m brave.

There are some things I do miss about “being back East.”  One was storms – lightning AND thunder.  We don’t much of either here .  I’m not sure why.  Maybe the Treasure Valley is too mellow.  The other is lightning bugs – fireflies.


This is a great illustration of what I saw last night from my window.


Now, this – this is what I really wanted to see from my window.


KTVB has more photos from around the valley of the lightning storm last night.

Photo Credits:

  • Top:  Courtesy Melanie Fitzgerald – Lightning over Chinden Blvd.
  • Bottom:  Courtesy stonehunter – Multiple strikes over Meridian.

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