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When We’re All Insured, THEN So Can You…

Tagging on the heels of the previous post is the discovery of this website.



There’s a lot of talk about “health care reform.”

But it’s really this simple:

Health care is a basic human right and a necessity.

Members of Congress don’t get it.

They are fiddling while people die in the streets.

We are going to help them understand.

We demand Congress give up their tax-payer funded health care plans until they pass legislation providing health care for ALL AMERICANS.C


My Own Insurance Dilemma Versus Others


My father was fond of asking: ‘Vat, you think money grows on trees?’  Sometimes we’d answer ‘yes’ just to hear him laugh.  Of course, this was also the same man who invited us along to “go crazy” after hopping into the truck cab.  Then we’d all pile in the bed of the truck, no helmets, no seatbelts – bouncing around freely, yelling into the wind.  Not worrying about a thing.

In mid-May each department of our hospital met to hear a message from our CEO, Joe.  The money tree’s growth spurt was over and, now,   the jist was everyone, every one of us, would take a 5% decrease in wages. There were three options on how to do that.   Regardless of the option chosen, it came out to a 5% decrease in wages.  Since our department is one of those considered ‘critical’ only two options were open for us.  At least in our dept, there wasn’t much grumbling or muttering as business was clearly ‘off.’  I’m fairly certain most folks knew the frank extent.  According to Joe, this will all lift next June 1st (2010).

Sooo – in light of that the beginning of June brought out yet another mandatory meeting. This time for all those insured via the hospital regarding upcoming “important changes” effective July 1st.  Now at that meeting, there was considerable grumbling.  This is part of ‘why.’ Continue reading