When We’re All Insured, THEN So Can You…

Tagging on the heels of the previous post is the discovery of this website.



There’s a lot of talk about “health care reform.”

But it’s really this simple:

Health care is a basic human right and a necessity.

Members of Congress don’t get it.

They are fiddling while people die in the streets.

We are going to help them understand.

We demand Congress give up their tax-payer funded health care plans until they pass legislation providing health care for ALL AMERICANS.C


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  1. But wait a second – congresscritters make $174,000 a year, about 4X the median income (for MEN – Median income for women is only 3/4 of that.) Wouldn’t it be more fair to have them keep their current insurance and pay 4X the going rate? Only then would they understand the burden of the high premiums everybody else feels.

  2. Why – SBT!! THAT is an excellent idea! And YES – it only seems fair.

  3. Can we make sure that Jim Risch and Walt Minnick are the first to experience the financial pain of this plan?

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