Smart Things Our Kids Say

A few weeks ago my daughter and granddaughter brought over a homemade chocolate on chocolate birthday cake for me.   The granddaughter was VERY excited.  Of course she had made every attempt to convince me it should really be pink as it is her favorite color.   However, Gramma does quite enjoy pink, too, but she really likes chocolate cake.

Now for perspective,  she’ s 3 years, 8 months.  I live in a third-floor walk-up.  We have a balcony that juts out into the huge Japanese cherry tree alongside the building which just about engulfs the balcony from spring into late fall/early winter.  Only hints of sun get through here periodically.  The sun mostly hits my home office windows which face due south.  Great for making sun tea.

So we’re standing out on the balcony because the cats are out there.  There are plants, chairs, bird feeders, a water bath, chimes and flags, and other homey clutter that would make it all very interesting you would think for a 3 year-old.    It’s all enclosed by wrought iron grillwork.  The granddaughter places her leg through the grill, turns to me and says:  “Gramma, this is dangerous. See how far down the ground is?”

We have a budding genius!  Using a three syllable word in context.  Woo-Hoo! What a smart girl!  Of course that sounds exactly like something her mother would say to her:   “No, you can’t jump on the trampoline with your skis on!  It’s dangerous.”


We don’t need no stinkin’ Baby  Einstein!  We have our own, thank you very much.