Suicide By Car or How the Woychicks Invited the Driver to Join Them in the Crosswalk

According to the Idaho Statesman this morning, the driver responsible for the deaths of Tom and Mary Woychick last month at Parkcenter Blvd & Gossamer Lane is John W. Tiemann. They were almost home.

Here are some tidbits:

  • Mr. Tiemann is 58.
  • Mr. Tiemann was driving a Honda CRV (according to previous reports, it was a Honda Pilot – described as an SUV).
  • Mr. Tiemann ‘thought’ that “either or” (Tom or Mary) waved him through the crosswalk, so he didn’t slow down.

According to a collision report filed with the Idaho Transportation Department, Tiemann tested positive for alcohol and drugs in blood and urine tests. Tiemann could not be reached for comment.

First off – BULLSHIT!!

No one waved this asshole through the crosswalk.  The Woychicks weren’t idiots.  Crossing as wide a corridor as Parkcenter Blvd, they would not have signaled anyone in a vehicle to go on through the crosswalk when they were IN it.  They were wonderful people, but they would NOT have endangered their partner’s life or their own so Mr. Tiemann could get onto to whatever he was doing without stopping.

Then there’s the even more interesting: “…Tiemann tested positive for alcohol and drugs in blood and urine tests.” Boy, your butt better be covered.

Mr. Tiemann is lying.  And, of course, the Woychicks aren’t here to dispute his claim, but by golly – I will be.  This is a case I’ll be watching and actively following like white on rice.

UPDATE (10/14/2009):  Since there have been a few comments regarding the correction from the Idaho Statesman on Mr. Tiemann NOT testing positive, here’s the post regarding the correction.  It matters little to me.  I simply don’t buy much of what anyone says when they run down two people in a crosswalk, kill them, and use such a lame-ass excuse  as ‘I thought they waved me through.’  It’s been almost two months now and still nothing on the ramifications for Mr. Tiemann’s ‘driving error.’


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  1. Tiemann is guilty as sin! Found to have alcohol and drugs in his blood and urine and NO charges have yet to be filed against this asshole. He’s probably still out there driving our streets, maybe still under the influence and endangering other citizens of our community. What is he being treated so differently than others?? who is this asshole?? and if he is in jail for this crime, then why is this not reported ??? more than likely he is NOT, therefore, I would like to know WHY NOT????!!! If this had happened to me, I would be in jail awating trial, since I don’t have connections and high-priced attorneys to keep me out of jail, as I heard this asshole has! I too w/continue to follow this case and I hope and pray that our legal system doesn’t fall for his BS story and throws the book at him…let him rot in jail/prison, for a crime he obviously is guilty of commiting, regardless of his self-serving, saving-his-own-skin BS claim. Fry the SOB!!!!!

  2. Well now – how interesting. The link is broken, AND I cannot access the story even when I go the route of my ‘profile’ and comments at the Idaho Statesman.

  3. The Statesman got the story wrong. He did not test positive. They don’t have the results back yet. I love how people jump to convict.

  4. Did the Statesman print a retraction if that is true, Stefan?

    Jump to convict? I’m not sure I understand this. The man didn’t slow down. He hit the Woychicks at speed – 25 mph if he was obeying the construction speed limit or 35 mph, which was (is) the regular speed limit. I was over there that afternoon. There were no skid marks, no tire markings of any kind. Regardless, Mary Woychick died on the ground at the scene of the accident; Tom died at St. Al’s.

    Jump to convict? Oh yes, Geoffrey did go off a bit, didn’t he? He’s just venting.

  5. This tells us that John W. Tiemann claims to be innocent of all charges which could result from this travesty. Well now , how interesting it is for us not really knowing his name for this long of a period of time since its occurrence, and how well hidden his name has been,… including what was said to found to be in his system or not,.. by A front page story on Sunday which is now being deemed as incorrect. How long do these testings take? Besides money and clout, I myself would like to know just what is this mans position in our society which allows all this secrecy.

  6. Wow the first two people are clearly ignorant. “Fry the SOB” . Geoffrey, you’re an idiot. The man did not have alcohol OR drugs in his system. Mr. Tiemann is not presently in jail and he didn’t use his “high priced” attorney to keep him out of jail. You’re a fool both of you. Mr. Tiemann is a good man that made a grave error. Do not act like you have never mis judged a signal someone may or may not have given you. Before you pass judgment know all of the facts. Both families are going through a lot right now. The Woychick’s are trying for some forgiveness so why should the public crucify a man who is already going through hell and has taken his family with him.

  7. Mr. Tiemann is a good man that made a grave error. Do not act like you have never mis judged a signal someone may or may not have given you. Before you pass judgment know all of the facts.

    Mr. Tiemann may indeed be a good man. He made a “grave error” as you call it and as a result killed two people. The information in the blog post was taken from the Idaho Statesman and for whatever reason, their information was wrong or inaccurate. They printed a retraction and I posted one as well. I should also tie it to this post.

    I will say this. I’ve been driving since the age of 14. That’s when I took driver’s ed and got my license. That was 40 years ago. I’ve never come close to misinterpreting any signal from a pedestrian while driving. Why? Because I STOP – period. In my book, driving is not a right. It’s a responsibility. It’s a means of transport from one place to another and my goal is to get there safely without endangering anyone. I’ve driven cross country; I’ve driven in big-ass cities and tiny hamlets. I’ve driven in Europe AND I’ve even driven in England.

    Mr. Tiemann killed two people with whom I was somewhat familiar as we attended the same parish some years ago. I could care less if he’s “going through hell” or how a great a man he might be. What he did was a crime, and he will be asked to claim responsibility for it rather than blaming the victims he ran down in that crosswalk on Parkcenter Blvd by stating they waved him on. It’s pretty damn evident they didn’t because they’re dead now, aren’t they?

  8. Thanks, Fred; Stefan (above) pointed out the correction from the Idaho Statesman and I posted on it here.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. It’s been more than 8 weeks since Tom and Mary Woychick were killed on Parkcenter Boulevard by the automobile driven by John W, Tiemann. Why the lack of news updates? Nobody really buys the contention that we’re waiting for blood-based drug and alchohol tests to be returned. We’re also waiting to learn the results of investigation of the collision that killed Kevin Pavlis more than 90 days ago. Why the long delays in investigation results? Are we being underserved by the police or the news services or both?

  10. You ask yourselves,… are we being under-served by the police or the news services or both? Just think about it,… it depends on who you are in this world of ours. If you are someone like the boy-friend and the mother of Robert Manwill,…. you begin to get the full story right away,… or their story anyway. I’d say both these stories could use some explaining!

  11. This has been gut-wrenching on so many levels. I knew the Woychicks and also being a walker in that same area, there is NO WAY they would have waved a car through. When you’re walking in the crosswalk at the point where they were it would only leave a matter of feet between you and the car. I can picture Tom telling the car to stop, but obviously he shot through at full speed….NO tire tracks from trying to stop, NONE!
    This is a travesty, it seemed like the whole thing has being pushed under the rug from the beginning. We lost 2 of the greatest people in Treasure Valley! YOU ALWAYS GIVE THE PEDESTRIANS THE RIGHT OF WAY!!!

  12. Nope! Not a single hint of an attempt to stop. We were there the same afternoon. That simple ‘you give pedestrians the right of way’ is what we were taught in driver’s ed some 40 years ago. No one learns that any more? Too stupid to figure out that an object weighing a couple thousand pounds or more will injure, maim or kill a person?

    We live near Fairmont Junior High. There are a couple of motorcycle cops patrolling morning and afternoon. The cop we see pulls over no less than 3 drivers every – stinkin’ day – on to the side street in front of our house. It’s not like you can’t see the bright yellow blinking lights from Fairview or even coming from Ustick …..

    Regardless of however mobile we are as a society, driving is a privilege laden with responsibility.

  13. I’ve lost track on how many front page articles I read about the guy who was in the boating accident at Cascade lake. Where are the articles and updates on the Tiemann accident killing two people in a cross walk?? Who does this guy know?? How is he connected??

  14. I have absolutely no idea who the man is. I did find this from a local attorney in Boise.

  15. Well hell, I guess just a few of us are going to have to stay on this case of almost complete silence and injustice, or just maybe it will get set aside permanently. This life we all live is not always perfect or handed out evenly. You make mistakes, you’re supposed to pay for what you do, no matter who you are. People do not realize or know that homicide by inattentive vehicular driving is considered manslaughter and is a punishable crime in our courts. There can be no exceptions to the rules for most, unless you happened to be one of the Kennedys. Who the hell is this John W. Tiemann, and what kind of pull does he really have in our community? I do know what would have happened if it would have been most any of you or even me driving this vehicle which had struck and killed them.

  16. Who the hell is this John W. Tiemann, and what kind of pull does he really have in our community?

    I don’t have any idea who he is. Might be time to do some sleuthing.

  17. Well, I did myself have a little run in with a camera man with a channel two large camera, shoot film on 11th ave N. right after the Woyckicks incident in Boise. He was shooting cross-walk abuse here in Nampa, Idaho and seemingly to me with possibly his own actors. A young man and woman ran right out in front of my own van as I came up from the train underpass down town, and when I turned around to go back and see why he was filming this,… another man proceeded to drag his supposed young child across this dangerous street in the same place with a new lit flashing yellow lit crosswalk a block and a half up the street where he was filming this.

    Needless to say when stopping and questioning him, he told me it didn’t have anything to do with the Woychicks being killed in Boise in a cross-walk. He said it was just a freak accident he was able to catch these violator crossing 11th. ave, a 5 lane state road why he had his camera pointing right at them. After leaving myself he pointed his camera on my ass all the way up 11th ave and when heading back to town five minutes later he was no where to be seen or found. Nope,… I failed to see this report on Channel Two News.

  18. Did you do a search on Channel 2?

    Nothing there. ……dragging out the tinfoil….

  19. I believed there wasn’t any sense in looking for it but I did look at a couple of news cast on 2 news as I felt sure it wouldn’t be there. I believed I had foiled this little news event as I will tell you. I had said right up front to this guys face,….. if this phony little cross-walk report you are staging over here in Nampa is in anyway being done to support and defend the man responsible for this tragedy which just happened to the Woychicks in the cross-walk in Boise,…. it would sure piss the hell out of me,…. and in those very words.

    He then said to me, “we in this business of reporting news don’t do that”. I then proceeded to tell him I drive 11th street back and forth many times everyday and I have never seen any of this type of activities in crossing this street before. Where it had happened was a half a block right in front to where the underpass comes up from town, five lanes no less, with a speed limit of 35 MPH, and not happening just once, but twice in that very short period of time. I said you must feel pretty lucky to actually have gotten these two crossing incidents on film. He said yes, being a block and a half away up here by this cross-walk while filming, I’d say I was. I just filmed earlier the man and child who had just crossed up the street using the cross-walk to get on that side.

    I don’t know how much better I can explain this, myself being one of the drivers having to brake to keep from hitting this young couple in a nice dress and suit and watching the rest of the car having to do the same. After turning around up the street and heading back to talk to this camera man I seen filming this happening, he was then filming the young father and young child dodging traffic up the street in about the same area, only crossing to the other side.

    Both these crossing had made the hair stand up on the back of my neck,…. you know how it does when you see a animal caught out in the middle of a street with cars passing on both sides. I park my van next to this camera mans car, not truck, and walked over to talk to him. He then said; Did you see that? You know the rest of the story.

  20. Being from here – specifically Kuna as a kid, I know Nampa pretty darn well. Without absolutely NO traffic I wouldn’t much attempt to cross where you’re talking. I’ve seen it and I find it incredibly scary, especially with children.

    A friend who attended church with the Woychicks called Stephen Woychick’s office here in Boise; he’s an attorney. They haven’t heard back n probably won’t. Chuck Peterson wrote some bullshit about Tiemann in September. Outside of that and truly, sleuthing around, there doesn’t appear to be much. Tiemann actually lives in the same region of Boise as the Woychicks did.

  21. Wordsmith,… why don’t you get a blog going on the now silence on the supposed murder evidence and what’s happening in the incarceration of Melissa Jenkins and boy friend Daniel Ehrlick. As we all know they both did plead not guilty to the murder of Robert Manwill. You will not believe the different views you will receive about this possible witch hunt.

  22. You will not believe the different views you will receive about this possible witch hunt

    You mean in relation to Robert Manwell? Are ya kidding me? Jezzus!

    I want to call the prosecutor’s office about the Woychicks and see if they can offer anything.

  23. See how silence cures all ills? No,.. I mean Robert Manwill? Why your on the line ask them if anything new has come up about the Robert Manwill Murder.

    Did you actually read all the comments, to where the public was ready to hang the both of them, Melissa Jenkins and her boy friend Daniel Ehrlick before Robert’s body was even found? I guess they weren’t as prominent as this John W. Tiemann.

    On the first days of Roberts disappearance the authorities knew that gate at the end Shoshone street was not locked and left open for anyone who could lift a handle to go through it. Was it ever suggested to lower the water level of the canal or was the water to damn important for the farmers fields in that hot ass summer month?

    Being neglectful overseers of Robert does not warrant the death penalty and this whole episode was exposed to the public right from its start as to possibly being a crime if you can remember. The Great Nancy Grace of Fox had her early say to her own viewers about getting back to them as this case progressed.

    The searchers spent more time looking in dumpsters, drain ditches, over fences of suspected child molesters, along the lower Riedenbaugh canal being a lot further away from where they lived. They even looked in peoples garbage cans and including at the dump, rather than where I myself and and possibly even the authorities suspected him to be.

    I myself believe this to be one of 2009’s and Boise, Idaho’s biggest travesties, including the silent treatment everyone has been faced with on the Moychicks travesty.

    Now you can say for real,… Jezzus!

  24. On the first days of Roberts disappearance the authorities knew that gate at the end Shoshone street was not locked and left open for anyone who could lift a handle to go through it. Was it ever suggested to lower the water level of the canal or was the water to damn important for the farmers fields in that hot ass summer month?

    If I remember correctly – the original reason for NOT lowering the water level wasn’t about irrigation, but about the gates at different intervals along the canal. Those gates – supposedly – wouldn’t allow a body (the size of little Robert) to get thru – which was proven inaccurate as that’s how Robert’s body was found way out by Kuna.

  25. It has been just a couple of days more than 4 months since the “accident” that killed the Woychicks. The silence in this case is deafening. No news, no charges, no nothing. By now the drug and alcohol tests are back, and there has been plenty of time to investigate the evidence. Why no news or charges? Ineptness? Coverup? Payment-for-silence? This isn’t right.

  26. The silence in this case is deafening.

    It makes you wonder doesn’t it? I don’t know if any of the Woychick’s children are involved in foregoing further investigation. There’s some reticence at some level for whatever reason. Justice may be about forgiving; it’s also about taking the offender taking responsibility and ‘paying the price.’

  27. Wordsmith said; “If I remember correctly – the original reason for NOT lowering the water level wasn’t about irrigation, but about the gates at different intervals along the canal. Those gates – supposedly – wouldn’t allow a body (the size of little Robert) to get thru – which was proven inaccurate as that’s how Robert’s body was found way out by Kuna.”

    The irrigation thing was just my own thought of why they might not wanted to lowered the water level. These ten days I believe were these two, the mother and boy friends days in court, basically from the news guided public, hunting for little Roberts body, while law enforcement and the news commentators did their little contributions to this supposed witch hunt event that I personally believe that it grew into and turned out to be.

    If any of you care to go back and read the comments and what was said before young Robert’s body was ever found,… I think it will amaze most of you how the public couldn’t have helped for some being caught up in this supposed miscarriage of justice.

    In further findings involving this case and resulting from previous records of different incidences in the pasts of the mother and boy friend, either for time served for or of being exonerated, vindicated or whatever, but was looked at by the authorities and the news casters as possibly being guilty, and implanted in the public mind set of their viewers that they were more than likely guilty for the disappearance of the mothers child Robert Manwill & both were concidered child abusers.

    I believe they both were treated unjustly and are still incarcerated unjustly, mainly because of who the mother and boyfriend happened to be (irresponsible parenting) and of their past record. Their pasts record had been exposed on the news, not in a court of law, but publicly leading people to believe the absolute worst in them. Just look at where the authorities were leading the public to look for the body of little Robert Manwill. Look at the picture taken, the searchers looking In dumpsters, at the dump, through fences of supposed child molesters in holes and empty ditches, in another canal quite a ways away, every where except where they should have been looking in the first place.

    If authorities would have looked at the obvious, lowered the water level of what was just up the block from where Robert lived, and where he disappeared from they very well would have found his body before this witch hunt got under way. If finding the body before going through all the gates that was supposed he wouldn’t go through, I’d say his thin body very well could have been found without being mutilating beyond recognition.

    These ten days and gates more than likely did not do little Roberts thin and frail body any good at all and more than likely made it impossible for rightful determinations to be made for cause of death by the corner. Just look at the cause of death that he had come up with. Beaten to death and then taken to the canal in the Kuna area to be thrown into the New York canal to hide their crime.

  28. ……yeahbut getting back to the original topic of this thread…..

    It’s the 9th of December and in 10 days it will have been 4 months since Tom and Mary Woychik were killed on Parkcenter by John W. Tiemann. Has the investigation been completed? Are there any charges filed? Does running over two people in a crosswalk merit no more than a shrug? Whatever the “reason” why this “accident” occurred, we seem to have set and are reinforcing with one case after another, a standard in Boise that if you kill someone on bike or on foot with your vehicle, it’s considered a victimless crime and should have no consequences.

  29. Sorry I meant it’s the 9th of January and 4 months since the “accident”.

  30. The Woychiks were killed 6 months ago this week (Aug 19,2009). Patrick Orr at the Idaho Statesman said in email that he inquires about this case every week and will publish any information learned. Till then we can all continue to wonder why no charges, no information, and seemingly no interest in this case.

  31. Jesus Christ…. 6 months.

    It surely begs the question – who’s John Tiemann?

  32. Silence is the virtue leading to the vindicable rights of the defendant ,… along with relying on that old saying,… time heals all wounds.

  33. It seems to me hitting People in crosswalks happens to be a normal occurrence here in Idaho. Let us say in a imaginative sort of way,… a game played as a fare points system, played by our so-called astounding citizens with the help of their attorneys. It seems as though it is not really considered a real crime anymore. You’re innocent until a court of law proves you hit them on purpose with the intent to do bodily harm.

    Some two or three years later down the road, when it finally comes up for a hearing, and everything has cooled down about these driving blunders, only then do they enter our court system for trial. The fact that you weren’t paying attention to your supposed driving skills has very little do with the out come I’d guess.

    It seems as though the perpetrators remain anonymous, unless they are someone who has no real money or status in our communities. Only then are they known to the world immediately and usually through our news media.

    Being outstanding citizens with clout and money, most times helps buy these accidental law breakers their silence. Not only the silencing of who they are, but of all evidence being suppressed by their attorneys until their future court date in a court of law. This usually takes place quite a ways down the road,… when all is forgotten about,… simple as that.

    If this type of accident ever happens to any of you,… stand on the Fifth and demand to speak with an attorney,…. that is your God given rights,…… that’s also if you fit into this criteria, having money, clout and prestige. If not,….. just plan on kissing your ass good-by for some sort of jail or prison term.

    In Idaho, a person as a pedestrian, whether in a crosswalk or just walking around anywhere, should always stay in a mind set of paying attention of all moving vehicles around them,… and being ready to jump out of their way.


  34. Now we’re coming up on seven months since the Woychicks were run down and slaughtered in the Parkcenter crosswalk.

    The ACHD has put new warning signs in the crosswalk, reminding drivers that they are legally required to stop for pedestrians, rather than speeding through and killing them.

    It’s frightening that the Boise Police Department could be so staggeringly incompetent as to let this double homicide by car simply slide. One wonders: is there a none-too-subtle age bias working here? Let’s say two children had been killed instead of two senior citizens. Can you imagine the BPD letting things slide for seven months or more? Of course not! But hey, it’s just a couple of old-timers, so no need to get all shook up. I’m sorry to say, but that’s what this looks like. And it stinks like hell.

  35. Let me see if I have this straight: Jason Robinson, the recently-suspended safety for the Boise State Broncos, punches a man during an altercation downtown. The man sustains a broken jaw (who knows what he did to provoke the punch?), so he calls the cops. Boise’s finest immediately arrest Mr. Robinson and charge him with felony assault. If convicted, he faces up to FIFTEEN YEARS in prison.

    Meanwhile, John W. Tiemann runs down and kills Tom and Mary Woychick in a Parkcenter Blvd. crosswalk last August. Seven months later, he has been neither cited nor charged in the incident. With each passing day it appears more likely that the illustrious Boise Police Department intends to let Mr. Tiemann skate on this–perhaps because they believe his jaw-dropping whopper that the Woychicks waved him and his hurtling vehicle into the crosswalk with them. Yes, and I have some oceanfront property near Phoenix!

    Now, it occurs to me that Mr. Robinson is a young black man, while Mr. Tiemann is a respectable, middle-aged white man (with apparently awesome connections within City Hall and the BPD). You don’t suppose there’s any connection between race and the Grand Canyon-sized, Elephant-in-the-Room discrepancy in the handling of their respective cases, do you? I’m sure that’s a mistaken inference, right? Right?

  36. As I understand the Robinson case, the altercation took place in a bar where Mr. Robinson was chatting with someone (a woman, I believe). “Words were exchanged.” ???

    Mr. Tiemann apparently has something on God because I do NOT understand the reticence in charging him. …. UNLESS, the children of the Woychicks don’t want justice – or retribution – as it being the Christian thing to do. I don’t know. If that plays any part in this, it’s misguided.

  37. Excuse me,… some of us here in this great state of Idaho would appreciate some rightful answers,…. rather than haft to be punching the race card. Now if these two incidences happened in L.A., while making a lot of noise over the two of them in comparisons, they might decide to give up some answers, say before a little of their city went up in smoke.

    Just where does equalization in the law begin? Let us surmise this was a black man driving this car which killed the Woychicks,…. or let’s imagine it was the white boy friend and the mother of Robert Manwill trying to get out of town fast after their witch hunt began. Now then,….. they would be more than likely like ones who would do this sort of thing.

    These two were charge by the city with the murder and beating death of little 8 year old Robert Manwill, and then throwing his badly beaten body into the new york canal. They must have taken him clear out to Kuna and then threw him in for his supposed ten days of bobbing around to cover up their vicious crime. They were so stupid, they would not have even thought of just going up the street a block and going through an unlocked gate left unlock by the city, up a little path and then throwing him in there.

    Is any of these supposed injustices getting through to you people? Get the trash off the street and leave the rich and influential people alone!

  38. You need to have more respect for the Woychick family. However they have chosen to deal with the loss of their parents is THEIR business and only theirs. There is no law that says follow up information has to be reported to the general public. Get off your high horse and LET IT GO!!!

  39. It is a matter of public record and it is the public’s business as the elder Woychicks were killed on a public street in which all kinds of public services were used to investigate their deaths. Especially in relation to the number of deaths that occurred last summer here of bicyclists and pedestrians in which the drivers of automobiles were either not charged or as the case with a few – just recently charged as in 2010.

    Quite right – it another thing how the Woychick children have decided to deal with their parents’ deaths. That is entirely up to them.

    I don’t know what ‘high horse’ you’re talking about but I suggest you get off your own – especially since you don’t live in this community and have no interest in what transpires here.

  40. Friend of who? You are telling us to have more respect for the Woychick family? Exactly what kind of respect are you saying we should give ones willing to let their parents die without a good explanation of their deaths to the community that they have lived in their whole lives. We all have been told of a little of the circumstances involved in this supposed wave through, by their parents on this clear morning walk back to their home from church. It was at a time with very little traffic and presumably with no eye witnesses while both of them being in a very clearly marked crosswalk.

    Are we all supposed to be silent and let them handle this their own way, especially when it concerns the safety of every citizen of our community who doesn’t happen to be driving a vehicle? You do know it was almost a full month of silence before it seems that you yourself has revived this conversation that was pretty much in a declining nature. Now you tell me who is trying to disrupt there lives? You also say however they have chosen to deal with the loss of their parents is THEIR business and only theirs, and for us to get off our high horses and LET IT GO!!! Well, I think you have revived us all waiting for some very clearly needed answers of this wave through we haven’t yet received!

  41. Thanks. I saw not long ago. It’s about fucking time!

  42. This isn’t all that amazing to myself that John William Tiemann resembles the news camera man that was filming with a channel two camera on his shoulder here in Nampa, Idaho. This film was being produced after the of death of an elderly couple, James and Mary Woychick on East ParkCenter Boulevard in Boise while crossing the street in a mark crosswalk on Aug. 19. 2009.

    Some of you may have read the story earlier by vanrijngo above on December 7th 2009. Not but one,…. Mr wordsmith replied about the crossing spot and how dangerous it would be crossing there. I would think Channel 2 might have wanted to explained what they were doing over here in Nampa and why he would have one of their production cameras filming that dangerous episode which I explained earlier last year in December.

  43. Hey,… we still are not hearing anything about this case, about his arrest, whether he is still incarcerated in jail or he had made bail and a trial had been set. More than likely the latter is what has happened.

    With this man, John William Tiemann, resembling the news camera man that was filming with a channel 2 camera on his shoulder here in Nampa,…. a story I had previously told you all about earlier last year in December, above on this blog,…. does tends to leave me with some weird thoughts and questions of my own.

    I had always wondered to myself why the Channel 2 news teem who were the original news channel on the scene reporting this tragic accident, while the camera man filming the vehicle involved, only showed a very small dent and a broken turn light lens with only a close-up shot of just the fender damage to his fairly new vehicle.

    This accident where the Woychicks were killed was a one time and very brief statements on the part of this reporter, while just saying the driver was a man of 58 and that a investigation was ongoing with the police department.

    They did not bother to film the crosswalk or the area of where the accident occurred on Park center Blvd. or bother showing the viewers of Channel 2 news the vehicle that was involved.They had even gotten wrong the description as to what model or type of SUV it really was that was involved.

    If in fact this man was an employee of Channel 2 news, this could leave all types of questions in the minds of the public of whether or not their was some texting going on between him and his work place at the time of this accident. As this being only a synopsis, his inattentiveness and the not applying of his brakes could very well be explained this way, if it’s a true fact. There has to be reasons for this assumed cover up and silence that has plagued this case from it’s beginning.

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