Just Too Stupid

Yesterday my 13 year-old nephew and I had a discussion about the president’s speech to the nations schoolkids on Tuesday, tomorrow.   His words were: “just too stupid.”  I don’t know what to tell ya.  He’s grown in an LDS household and it’s been pretty, um, Republican leaning.  Until his parents got a divorce three years ago, his mother lost her job with the Meridian School District 18 months ago and was just recently hired by the Boise School District, and financially it was a bit . . . tight.  Reality bites.


Waiting to hear what KTVB will show Tom Luna saying about the president’s ‘message’ being relayed to our country’s children, especially those across Idaho.  Whoa!  Carolyn Holly actually said “right-wing.”  But some Republicans are concerned the president will indoctrinate their children with socialist ideology.  Did she say ideology?

Okay – Idaho Falls schools will not show the speech from the president.

Tom Luna sees nothing wrong with the president’s speech.  He considers it “very wise.” It’s along the same lines he or the governor or others tell students.  He is encouraging parents to come and watch with kids, and Boise and Meridian students can ‘opt out.’


First hint of something up when I found several over-the-toppers who were going ballistic, this one among them.  Read at your peril, and be forewarned – you can respond, however the blog owner isn’t too hip to that entire ‘free speech’ meme and very controlling when it comes to the comments unless she has some cute flippant answer.

The inimitable Suzie Madrak  @ Crooks & Liars called it and was writing about the “Wingnuts being in full bloom” about those good folk on the look-out for SOCIALISM inroads by the president.  Never mind that the entire brouhaha was about EDUCATION.    And any attempt to dissuade was met with an immediate slap down, especially if written by one of those blasted ‘wingnuts’ who appeared to be more of a moderate persuasion.  I found myself agreeing with him and had to close that window in Firefox – now!

All right, I think that’s about it on that subject.  I’m off to read the books I checked out from the public library – one on socialism, ya know to make sure I have it right, and the other book is Dave Neiwert’s book: ‘The Eliminationists” which is scary as hell.

And finally . . . . Edgar Linares did speak to some middle school kids at one of the parks today about the president’s speech. Might of been where the Labor Day picnic was being held.  None seemed too concerned about indoctrination.  We’ll check on ’em tomorrow.