Gettin’ more like Communism

Stupidity rocks.

Gary Tuchman reports from North Carolina about a school that will not be showing President Obama’s.  He finds a correlation between the political climate of the area and who supported the president or John McCain.  In this particular school district, 67% of the vote went to John McCain.

Video at CNN

“It’s getting more like Communism, saying ‘we gonna do this and do that’ ”  – What?

So telling someone what to do is communism?


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  1. It’s amazing how ignorant the rightwingers are..and apparently they aren’t afraid to show it to the world.

  2. Actually, I think he said it was “gettin’ more like “Commanism.”

    I think it has something to do with punctuation. Or butt naked ignorance. Or both.

  3. gettin’ more like “Commanism.”

    Righttt….and G*d know we can’t have them sounding any more intelligent than they actually are. How is it possible to best ‘themselves’ at every turn?

    I did feel bad for that principal. Unless he’s a Republican, he must have to walk a mighty tight line.

  4. FYI…..Plaxico Burress The NFL Footbal Player Begins Prison Sentence Today!
    Not that I have anything against the guy but finally these athletes might start to get it….You CAN’T just do anything you want and get away with it. If I get caught with a gun, I would have to do time too.

    Just my 2 cents…..

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