Update on Suicide by Car….

Thanks to visitor, Stefan, for pointing out a correction printed yesterday by the Idaho Statesman.  It involves the front-page story printed Sunday involving the driver of the vehicle who struck and killed Mary & T om Woychick, August 19, 2009.  That would probably explain why the link is broken for the story I cited and included in my post on Sunday.

There is no proof that John W. Tiemann, who struck and killed Tom and Mary Woychick on East ParkCenter Boulevard Aug. 19, had either alcohol or drugs in his system. A front page story on Sunday was incorrect.

Blood and urine tests – done routinely after fatal accidents – have not been returned, according to a collision report filed with the Idaho Department of Transportation. Tiemann’s attorney, Charles Peterson, said that when the tests are completed they will show Tiemann was not under the influence of any substance.

If I may, the last sentence quoting in paraphrased form, Mr. Tiemann’s attorney reports the tests will show Mr. Tiemann “was not under the influence of any substance.”  Ohh… so, he can’t even use the impaired defense.  He’s going to stick with the “they waved me thorough” defense.

Our visitor, Stefan, also thought it important to point out that he’s a fan of “how people jump to convict.”  I think he’s referring to another visitor who was plenty pissed and said so.  As for me, I’d like to point out – again.  I seriously doubt either one of the Woychicks ‘waved’ Mr. Tiemann on. I don’t care whether Mr. Tiemann “thought” they did or not.  It’s bullshit and, in my estimation, a bald-faced lie.  As I said in the comments, the man didn’t slow down. He hit the Woychicks at speed – whether it was 25 mph if he was obeying the construction speed limit (as there was road work going on at the time) or 35 mph which is the regular speed limit for that area. I was over there that afternoon. There were no skid marks, no tire markings of any kind. Regardless, he hit them both hard enough or at enough speed that Mary Woychick died on the ground at the scene of the accident; Tom died at St. Al’s within the hour.

What’s left to say?

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