Saturday Cat Loving

The other day walking out to my car I saw a little kitty who looked ‘just like’ one of my two cats.  This one in the picture below. He was dumped almost three years ago in one of the patio wells of a ground level apartment where I live.  His name is Khaos, ‘cuz he’s a little crazier than the average shit-cat, but he has such PERSONALITY along with some very distinctive markings!  As it turns out, he’s a breed – an Egyptian Mau.  So now I’m wondering if he and and this other kitty are related.


I was watching him today while he was out on the balcony checking out this and that, lying upside in one of the chairs, flipping up suddenly because something moved in the tree.   Checking to see what’s happening on the ground, biting at the leaves on one of the plants, eating, drinking – doing cat shit.   Simply put – I LOVE CATS.   I especially love it that all my nephews are Cat Men even though they all have dogs, they LOVE CATS!


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  1. I miss my kitty 😦

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