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Two Events / Two Lenses

While cruising around looking at pics I ran across some photos from the ‘tea party’ in D.C. Some of the signs were interesting to say the least. This was one of my favorite.


There’s a couple of photo streams at Flickr with numerous photos from the ‘protest’ today.  This particular photographer has the picture above in photo stream as well as a blog – My Muddled Thoughts.

A few impressions from watching the little I did on C-SPAN and reading around at the iReport page of CNN.

  • It would do well for the sign holder and others who attended to keep in mind that we who don’t agree with them are not unAmerican, Nazis, bigots, racists or assholes.  And yet, there’s the need need to paint us as such demonstrates exactly what that sign illustrates in block letters.
  • ‘Obamacare = Obamafascism;Hammer & Sickle … see above.
  • Not too many people of color there from what I saw.  A poster at Jack & Jill Politics who is working on McDonnell’s campaign in Virginia reported seeing three black folks like himself.  I’m pretty sure he’s one of the few black Republicans most of us know outside of crazy Alan Keyes.

Someone I ‘know’ who lives in Minnesota and went to see President Obama speak at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  Minnesota Public Radio had someone out and spoke to those there to support the president and some who weren’t.   Towards the end of this video is a woman talking about President Obama “ruining my country. ….. He wants to make my country socialistic.”

Once again, it’s not just HER country.  It wasn’t when George Bush was in office rushing the deficit up to the trillions mark either and it’s not now.  It’s our country.  I do not get the need to spirit anyone who disagrees with you off to some far-off land that is usually totalitarian in nature.  I’m also pretty damn certain most of those spewing out ‘communist, ‘socialist’, Marxist, Nazi’ could define the differences between each political ideology.  Certainly Nazism – it’s convoluted and full of contradictions.

And for contrast, here’s a pic from today’s barn burner in Minneapolis with the president. Our ‘friend’ is 4th from the left, front row.  She was very psyched.



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