Voting to Kill Obama on Facebook

This morning someone alerted me to a poll on Facebook that’s below.  At that time there were right around 500; there’s now 751.  I reported it to Facebook over 30 minutes.  Promptly after doing that, I called the Secret Service in Boise and spoke to a gentleman who gave me his email address and I forwarded the link to him.  He said he would forward to the “IT guys.”   I also forwarded my email I sent to the Boise office to the Washington, D.C. office.

Let me say this as succinctly as I can  –  I’m not playing this shit any longer.   Period.

Vote in The obama Poll

should obama be killed ?

if he cuts my health care
Over 751 other people have taken this poll.
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And yes, I would’ve done the same thing with Bush.  It’s about the presidency.  You don’t threaten to kill the president – period.   Just so the dumb asses who think writing shit on the Internet is safe; it’s not.  But you just go ahead on . . .
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UPDATE:   The poll has been pulled.

Application “Polls” is unavailable

The application “Polls” is temporarily unavailable due to an issue with its third-party developer. We are investigating the situation and apologize for any inconvenience.