Here’s Your Apology!

It’ll a take a bit to recall when I first learned of Alan Grayson (D-Fl).  I do know it involved some smidgen of ‘craziness.’  Recently I saw him questioning Scott Alvarez, who is general consul for the Federal Reserve.  Grayson was smirking and I, I felt kinda sorry for Mr. Alvarez ‘cuz it wasn’t going well.

And then I happened to run across this from Matt Taibbi.  It seems he had “an encounter” with Rep. Grayson wherein he describes it as the “congressman who went werewolf on me now spooks Fed official.”  Yep.  I can see it.  I saw it in that smirk painted on his face while  he was tossing Mr. Alvarez those pointed queries.

In his capacity as an attorney he once basically threatened to have me dismembered and have my body parts dumped in a tin canister and fired into the center of a burning supernova. And that’s actually underselling the real language he used. We were having a disagreement about the use of information given to me by a certain source in a story about military contracting, and in the middle of what had been a normal contentious argument between two sane adults, dude suddenly assumed this crazy monster-voice and just went medieval on me. He was roaring into the telephone about how he was going to crush me, how I was going to wish I had never messed with him, how I didn’t know who the hell I was dealing with, and so on. One phrase I remember in particular was, “I am going to strip the bark off of you!” It came totally out of the blue and it was like being on the telephone with a metamorphosing werewolf — the whole performance genuinely freaked me out. I may even have peed a little, I can’t remember.

Now Matt Taibbi comes across to me as a pretty tuff kind of guy.  He’s sexy as hell, and he’s bent on getting to the bottom of a lotta shit that’s happening, as evidenced by any one of his articles in Rolling  Stone magazine.  So when he says “I may even have peed a little, I can’t remember” I feel that fear.  I’ve seen that smirk in high definition.

Now at This Tumbleweed Life, there are a few videos starring Rep. Grayson. They’re great.  You’ll get the picture and the essence of Mr. Grayson.  It seems ‘This Tumbleweed Life’ and I read the same Matt Taibbi piece.  What they did that I didn’t do was read up on Rep. Grayson, linking to his biography on his website. I agree; it truly is well worth the read and in the reading of it you’ll get a good idea of where Mr. Grayson’s priorities lie. I’m suitably impressed.

“…… An Orlando-area attorney, Grayson combines a thorough Harvard pedigree with Bronx-tenement street savvy and a strong concern for social justice.  You can read his Congressman’s bio here and it’s worth reading.”

Here’s Rep. Grayson last night on the floor of the House.

And here’s Rep. Grayson on The Rachel Maddow Show this evening after the Redumblicans demanded an apology with some attempt to draw a false analogy to Rep. Joe Wilson’s nasty call out to the president Sept. 9th.

Keep both your eyes on this werewolf . . . .


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  1. I loved it! Made my day yesterday and it takes a lot to make my friggin day. 😉

  2. Same here. I even e-mailed him and said, “Don’t you DARE apologize.”

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