I (??) Obama on the Golf Course?

One of the ‘perks’ of living in Idaho is having a “third eye” for certain signs such as swastikas or catchy names, say like – Aryan Nations White Boyz Society.

So seeing this story in the Idaho Statesman early this afternoon got me to thinking.  Then I saw the picture at Think Progress just a bit ago.



Now.   Ya know….. huh.

I (what?) Obama.   I ‘swastika’ Obama.   Then I noticed that swastika appears to be reversed from the usually seen Hitlerian swastika seen here =>


See the difference.  It’s what one commenter pointed out at Think Progress as a “manji symbol (mirror image of Nazi swastika.”

The manji symbol comes from Buddhism, and being Catholic (however lapsed) I’m not too learned in Buddhism – although I do know Thomas Merton was pretty into it himself, and I’ve been a fan of Merton’s since 1968.  I don’t think that counts though.

In case you’re suffering from ADD today or strung out on Sudafed & Nyquil . . . .  here’s something from You Tube!

Perhaps  – just perhaps, the message isn’t the obvious hate-filled one but one of love and harmony.   It could be.


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  1. So maybe it was a Manji symbol Morton Downey Jr. was sporting on his face when he reported an attack all those years ago?

  2. This pic? Is Mort still around? What are saying del mer? This could be the missing Mort?!

  3. Or the inbred who put it in the ground is illiterate. You know which way I suspect this story goes.

  4. Yep! And I suspect more folks would lean the way that ‘these folks’ are just fucking ‘maroons.’ I tend to think it’s along the line of Ms Backward ‘B’ (Ashley Todd).

  5. I agree with JollyRoger.

    What state was this located in?

    If south of the mason/dixon line, then it is a no-brainer. SSF (Stoopid Southern Fuks)

  6. Let’s see – how far from the Mason/Dixon line is Lakeville, Mass? Here’s more from the Boston Herald.

  7. Ya know, on one hand I’m amazed at the amount and intensity of the racism here in America circa 2010.

    Then again, on the other hand, it just doesn’t surprise me.

    Until the philosophy which holds one man superior and the others inferior is finally and totally discredited and abandoned….

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