Scaring Up, Gramma, Sen Crapo?

One of the afternoons I was home sick and managed to get to the couch I saw this commercial on TV featuring Senator Mike Crapo “protecting Medicare” and “the interests of seniors.”

So that’s the line, eh, Mr. Crapo?  Haven’t done shit for seniors until now and NOW, you’re going to “look out for them.”  Or have you, and I’m just not educated about it? Let’s see, shall we….. a cursory look finds the following ratings from a couple of organization who grade congress reps and their voting records.

According to the Alliance for Retired Americans – apparently last reported in 2008  – actually gave Mr. Crapo the rating of 10%, “indicating an anti-senior voting record.” Wasn’t much of an improvement.  In the number of years previous he consistently was graded at 0%.

You know who else gave you a 0% rating?  The American Public Health Association (APHA) in 2003, where Sen. Crapo voted no on certain bills having to do with prescriptions, durable medical equipment & prosthetics, negotiating pricing of prescription  drug plans, etc.  However that rating jumped, steadily increasing 20% to 29%  – 2004 to 2007.

The thing that came across to me was the dishonesty in the commercial and I think it comes from the general distrust of the GOP.   Medicare and Medicaid were introduced and promoted by the Democrats and there’s been a push by the ReThugs to derail the train.

The same Republican Party that tried to block Medicare in the 1960’s and gut it in the 1990’s isn’t content to frighten seniors with spurious claims about mythical benefits cuts. Now, just in time for Halloween, the GOP is manufacturing new horror stories to scare the rest of the premium-paying American public…

Just color me doubtful, Mr. Crapo, especially after reading this.

“President Obama said ‘if you like your present insurance, you can keep it,’ but that won’t be the case for seniors who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage,” Crapo added, noting that enrollees in that program will lose half their current Medicare Advantage benefits if the present bill before the committee passes without further amendment. “There are 60,000 people in Idaho enrolled in Medicare Advantage–that’s 27 percent of the Medicare population in Idaho. Those affected by these cuts are 20 percent of the Medicare population nationwide,” he added. “That is not an insignificant proportion of our seniors who will either see a loss in benefits or have to switch to another program. That is not keeping your present insurance as the President proposed.


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  1. Nice one sister.

  2. I apologize, Sisyphus. The very last link was broken; it’s fixed now.

    That final quote was from a press release issued by Sen. Crapo’s office the end of September.

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