What Word is Big Enough to Describe Real Gratitude?

When we were kids as poor as we were I don’t remember needing help from any outside quarter.  I have no comparable experience for such as this.

This evening some kids from the Nampa Family Community Shelter were able to go on a “shopping spree” at Old Navy.  The corporate office provided each store with $1000.  The store in Nampa also received donations and were able to provide 27 kids with $100 each for clothes. Originally the amount given per child was set at $50.00 and was then raised to $100.

“When they told us it was $100 I started to cry,” said Tammy Brooks. “I even called my mom and I told her, ‘Mom, they upped the price’”

Although Old Navy got the ball rolling and made this night happen, their employees also donated time and money. They even got family and friends across the country to do the same.

Other companies chipped in as well, like:  Cost Plus World Market, Eye Mart, Tully’s and Port of Subs – just to name a few.

Those other companies:  Cost Plus World Market, Eye Mart, Tully’s, Port of Subs, as well as Old Navy could use patronage.   I shop at Cost Plus; I like their stores.  Tully’s, yet another coffee hang-out, that I’ve never visited but will at least once, and there’s a Port of Subs (with a drive-thru window) not far from me over on Emerald & Benjamin.  Might have to check out their ‘Pilgrim Sandwich‘ – Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on my choice of bread.

The families on the receiving end tonight, as their comments reflect, felt that ‘thank you’ wasn’t a word big enough to describe their gratitude.

Overall, the parents and kids were thankful someone else thought of them in their time of need.

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