“Snowing” here, too.

Just happened to stop over at Treasured Valley to see if Chris was feeling better.  He says it’s snowing in Nampa.   Well – here in Boise at Cole & Ustick, it’s snowing teeny-tiny little flakes.   It’ll take a lot to do any ‘damage’ to the ground.

Half an hour later –  oh, Damn!  It’s over.

2:45 pm: Yeow!  They’re back!  The flakes are bigger …. still will take a lot to get and stay on the ground.  It’ll probably do this all afternoon.  Think I’ll take a walk when I get off work, come home and build a fire.


“No Small Amount of Hypocrisy ….”

The idiocy of those involved in voting ‘nay’ on the Franken amendment continues unabated.  No explanations have been forthcoming from our two Idaho senators explaining their vote even though I’ve called the offices of both senators twice since the vote as well as have others.

This past Sunday, Sisyphus had an excellent post countering Kevin Richert’s write-up in the Idaho Statesman.  As stated:

Almost three weeks ago I wrote about the Idaho senators’ shameful vote on the Franken Amendment, carefully attentive to avoid an overreaching headline. Fortunately the traditional media in Idaho, Kevin Richert, took note of the issue and confronted the Idaho senators on their vote. Unfortunately Richert framed the issue as to whether Idaho’s senators were “pro-rape”, giving them a pass, rather than investigating and disclosing the reasons underlying the Franken Amendment.

The victim in this case started the Jamie Leigh Foundation to correct the abuses by government contractors in foreign jurisdictions and the inherent unequal bargaining positions between an employer and employee in those circumstances:

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