Assholes Convicted in Nampa Hate Crime

Somehow their sentences don’t seem long enough after reading this paragraph.  The length of their sentences ranged from 1-1/2 years to 4 years.

Prosecutors said the three plotted an attack against Raylen Smith, then 24, after encountering him in the aisles of Wal-Mart on the Fourth of July, 2008. The trio beat him in the parking lot until he blacked out.

And to demonstrate how fucking stupid these assholes were and most likely – still are – there’s this from earlier this year.

Smith said he first noticed the four in the milk aisle, and saw them again as they went through a nearby checkout line. It was in the parking lot, Smith said, that Bullard approached him, asking him what country he thought he was in.

What country he was in?   This poor kid was born and raised in southwestern Idaho.  I say 10 years for just being so goddamned stupid.

Of course, then there’s the logic at work from the attorney ….

“I turned around toward the front of Wal-Mart. I heard somebody say, ‘Get him,’ and someone say, ‘nigger,'” Smith said. “I just kept running. I was just trying to get away.”


The case is one of perceptions, said Bullard’s attorney, Elisa Massoth. Though Smith believed it was a racial attack, Bullard saw the incident as an exchange of dirty looks that ended in a fight and had nothing to do with race, she said.

Ah … so the use of n*gger to refer to a black person isn’t about race. It’s about perception!  Off to alert all the black folks.  I’m sure most will be fairly relieved doncha think?

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