Burmese Junta wins Gold Ribbons….

The assistant Secretary of State is in Myanmar (Burma) talking to the generals in the junta.  Advising them that “Washington is ready to improve relations with Myanmar if its military leaders take concrete steps towards restoring democracy.”

Geez, I wonder how forthcoming that will be?   Al-Jazeera had this picture up of the generals.  Is that ribbon on their left chest wall the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?  Jus’ wondering.


And here’s another wait & see moment.

Thein Sein, Myanmar’s prime minister, told Asian leaders at a summit in Thailand last month that the government sees a role for Aung San Suu Kyi in fostering reconciliation ahead of the promised elections next year, but it was not clear what form this would take.


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  1. They look like the proud contestants at a county fair bake-off. But much grumpier of course.

  2. Especially the dude closest to the camera.

    I read your piece; I’m going to comment – post it here.

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