Lizz Wright’s ‘Old Man’

Don’t often offer up music – BUT!  I was so struck by Lizz Wright’s rendition of ‘Old Man’ (Neil Young) that I hadda share.


That’s Marvin Sewell on guitar!   dAYUM!

Lizz Wright & her band:

  • Marvin Sewell – Guitar
  • Ede Wright – Guitar
  • Massimo Biolcati – Bass
  • Rock Deadrick – Drums

h/t Crooks & Liars for sharing this –


2 Responses

  1. Nice. That song was part of the music I grew up with, and when I was “that age” I’m not sure it was much more than the pleasure of singing along with Young’s whining falsetto to me. I imagine he wrote it in response to a particular encounter, but back then it seemed like an anonymous letter to the future.

    Now that the future’s here… I hear him singing it to his future self, and hearing him do it now, himself, is a temporal hall of mirrors.

    This cover is definitely tasty, but feels a bit Lite compared to that deeper undercurrent.

  2. Pretty astute assessment, Tom. I love this rendition musically – ‘tasty’ indeed.

    Here’s an explanation as to the song’s origins.

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