How NOT to be a Good Marine

1.   Beat up strangers who ask for directions….

2.   Call police ‘cuz you’ve captured a terrorist …… and they can find ya here

3.  Then! When you find out ‘da truf’ – change yer story . . .

Tampa Bay dot com has a great write up and the comments are pretty darned good.

Klee wrote:
I’m an American living/working in Greece, who just returned from weekend meetings in Berlin, where I can’t count the times I asked, ‘Do you speak English?’ to ask directions, etc. Neither in my years in Greece, nor in Germany, have I been treated as a threat because I didn’t speak the language, or been refused help.  In Berlin, the Holocaust Memorial stands just beside Brandenberg Gate where The Fall of the Wall was celebrated … two monuments to the healing of unimaginable pain born of hatred. If Bruce were given some steroids-abuse help and a community service sentence (among the retired Orthodox Marakis had been attending to?) he might be ‘rehabilitated’. If we revamped our educational system, our ‘rednecks’ might appreciate the wider world … and our ‘educated elitists’ could learn that ‘rednecks’ ain’t all that bad either.  As Germany’s experience shows, the road to mutual understanding isn’t so long, once we start walking it……Nov 11th, 2009 1:43 am
Having lived in Germany, traveled to Greece, Egypt and many points in between I must say it was rare to even be treated rudely.
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