It’s a Beautiful Day on C-SPAN2 – II

The afternoon session:  Right now I’m watching Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN),  Paul Kirk (D-MA) – who took the ‘seat’ of Ted Kennedy after Ted’s death in August; Ben Cardin (D-MD), Jack Reed (D-RI) …… I actually like Jack Reed, and Ed Kaufman (D-DE).  Ya know Amy; she’s Al Franken’s pal from Minnesota.

I could no longer listen to the silly ravings from one of the major assholes, Orin Hatch. He’s just such a fucking snake.  I swear if I were drowning and he threw me a lifeline, I’d be hard pressed to grab it ‘cuz I’m pretty damned sure it would made of cement.

Ed Kaufman railed on the lack of competition and a list that has the level of competition in the states of the union.  You have to go down the list and hit #40, Oregon, before you find competition.  At least that’s what I think was his point.

Sen Kay Hagan (D-NC)  has been brought in, and she’s talking gender discrepancies, preexisting conditions, and how who her two children – both in their mid-20s – who have the same health insurance coverage and yet Hagan’s daughter pays more  than her brother.

  • domestic abuse is considered a preexisting conditions = 8 states (AK says), KH says “all but 12.”

……back to listening/watching ….. while cleaning.

Update #1:

According to the front page of, Blanche Lincoln is the 60th vote to open up the debate on health care legislation.

AP: Senate Democrats Have 60 Votes for Cloture Motion

With the support of Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) & Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Senate Democrats are reported to have the 60 votes needed to advance the cloture motion, allowing debate on health care legislation to proceed. The vote is scheduled for 8pm tonight and if it does pass, then debate will begin after the holiday recess.

ReThugs up again….

Now the senator from Utah, Bob Bennett, is raging on about when the legislation will actually take place.  John Kyl has put in something written by David Broder with John McCain talking about how “remarkable” it is that Sen. Reid (D-NV) ‘attacked’  – I think he actually said, excoriated! – Mr. Broder.  Big John had to bring up how he’s always respected Mr. Broder, yet – might have disagreed with him.  mmhm.  ….. now he’s rambling about buying some house …… oh!  It’s about disguising the “true costs” of this bill.

I’m going to clean out the litter box.

Update 2: Well the Dems were up for half an hour and now – for whatever reason – the Repukes control the floor until 7:15 pm (EST); it’s 6:35 pm (EST) ….. 4:30 pm here, I don’t think I’d live that long, especially listening to Mr. Grassley (R-IA).

Sen. Tom Harkin was just up before time expired on the Democrats talking time/points and he was all about pulling out the stops.  Fuck the ReThugs; it’s time to get it ON!   I like Tom Harkin….

Oh, thank G*d!!! Grassley’s done for now.  Now we’re into the how helping Americans get some medical care will break our budget.  As Senator Whitehouse pointed out this morning – where was the ReThugs concern when Bush was pushing thru all those “necessary budget bills?”


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  1. Orin Hatch’s voice was keeping me from napping during the Repubs’ turn… High, squeaky and full of crap.

  2. Oh and mcjoan has a piece on the Broder issue that helped me understand what the hell they’re all talking about Broder for…

  3. Wellll – I tried. Mitch McConnell was up and I realized the cat litter box was in desperate need of cleaning. And now – here’s Mr. Grassley. I have no razor blades in the house either – lucky for my wrists. Jezzus.

  4. Oh good – I can read McJoan!

  5. I’m listening to Grassley, but I honestly have no idea what the hell he’s talking about… He’s been watching too much Fox News!

  6. Grassley rambles. Like Whitehouse pointed out this morning, NOW they’re ‘worried’ about the funding when it comes to health care, but while they were being asked to approve all kinds of funds for the dual war fronts in Iraq & Afghanistan – not so much.

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