It’s a Beautiful Day on C-SPAN2

I’ve been watching, and will be watching for most of the day, the ongoing ‘discussion’ in the Senate on the Reid/Democrat(?) Health Bill (Sen. Brownback)

The chair when I signed on was Maria Cantwell (D-WA).  First up was Sen. Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY); only caught a few minutes of her.  Then the  Rhode Island senator, Sheldon Whitehouse wherein he immediately said, “the irony department of the Republican party …” and I finished the line in my head – ‘is working overtime.’  Of course, Sen Whitehorse echoed my head.

Sen. Landrieu did say she would vote to proceed on the debate of the bill.  She’ll stand with Reid and the Democratic party.

Now we have three white guys, ReThugs:  Hatch (R-UT), Sam Brownback (R-KS), & Mike Johanns (R-NE) talking about women can CHOOSE to get ANY insurance THEY want, ‘cuz they can CHOOSE.  They alternating between each other like a trio of idiots.

It’s all about abortion and the conscience clause with them.  It’s not about health care at all.  Pages 116-124….. radical abortion agenda….especially damaging…..bad policy…..written behind closed doors… come they didn’t adopt the Stupak amendment.  …. fuck!  “Radical language! (Brownback)

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  1. Wasn’t Whitehouse awesome?

  2. Whitehouse! Yes.

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