No Shades of Gray

Tonight I happened to catch a couple of stories on ’60 Minutes.’  This one involved the story of Newsweek reporter, Maziar Bahari, arrested in June by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard amid the of the hoopla surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “election.”

One thing Bahari said in the beginning of the interview had reminiscent echoes of a previous administration.  Read it:

Bahari had no idea that he too would be vulnerable. He had been an accredited journalist in Iran for 12 years and was an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. His reputation: telling both sides of the story.

“They certainly knew that you were a fair journalist writing fair and balanced reports,” Simon remarked.

“Yes, but they don’t like fairness,” Bahari said. “You have to be either with them or against them. You cannot see shades of gray. You have to see the world in black and white.”

Geez, that sounds fucking familiar doesn’t it?  Hmmm – I wonder who would have the freakin’ nerve to say something akin.

Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.  (Applause.)  From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.

How interesting that totalitarian thinkers,                   ……. so think alike.

Newsweek has Bahari’s story here.  It’s truly enlightening and scary especially in light in recalling the Tweets from the Iranians, as well as postings at Reporters Without Borders.

IRGC intel is now responsible for Iran’s internal security, which means that its rampaging paranoias have suffused the regime. There remain players within the system who can make rational decisions about Iran’s international interests; if there weren’t, I would still be in jail. But the Guards are exacerbating the Islamic Republic’s worst instincts, its insecurity and deep suspiciousness. As world powers try to engage Tehran to mitigate the threat of its nuclear program, it’s critical that they understand this mindset and the role the IRGC now plays within the Iranian system. I learned all too much about both while in the Guards’ hands.

This is to recall what originally led us to where we are today, in case we need our memories refreshed.


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  1. Did you find yourself waiting for him to say, when he was discussing the physical abuse he sustained while in prison, that he had been water boarded?

  2. Noo – I was distracted by the ‘t’ sound at the end of his ‘-ing’ words. Reminded me of some of the Germans I knew, who although fluent in English and almost ‘accent-free’ had that “thinkingt’ ‘kickingt’ – “slappingt” – …..

    Still waiting to hear from the Albany, GA place. I’m going to call this afternoon to see if they got the e-mail I sent.

  3. Funny, I noticed that too and was reminded of my college German professor.

  4. I guess comparing Bush to the “president” of Iran is “constructive”.

  5. Elric66 –

    So is this your new home? You’re not a very sophisticated thinker, is that correct?

    Comparison is of the mindset……

    TPG: Albany will be open tomorrow, not on Mondays.

  6. Actually comparing the mindset to al-Thuggy would be more correct. al-Thuggy even supports the homicidal dwarf.

  7. I don’t know who al-Thuggy is.

  8. Ohhh yes you do. Im sure you will figure it out someday.

  9. Are Mondays holidays? And boy did I miss something with al-Thuggy?

  10. Where were YOU!

    I don’t know – are the grade schools out across the country on Mondays?

    This guy (gal) shows up at a ‘conservative blog’ I read where the guy is actually very cordial. I don’t know that ‘conservative’ actually describes him, but he kicked ole’ elric66 to the curb because of the hate-filled shit he spewed at ‘one true believer.’

    I don’t mind going back and forth with someone I don’t agree with politically. My nephews (in their 20s) are good examples. We talk more about why we think what we think.

  11. Apparently I missed the party! 😉

    Maybe they just *thought* it was a holiday yesterday. Hell, I thought it was Tuesday until I turned on CBS last night for NCIS and realized it was only Monday! Something tells me it is gonna be a long week…

  12. Something tells me it is gonna be a long week…

    Nah – see it’s almost over now since Thanksgiving occurs Thursday. Ya know, the day the Portuguese stole the new world from the Indians. Oh wait – the Pilgrims….. 😀

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