Huckabee Without Blame – According to Huck-a-Buck

Well the wingers are out in force this morning calling down their flying monkeys on Mr. Huck-a-Buck who is learning today just how fucked he is.  Interestingly, specifically:

“Note the passive language and blame-shifting to prosecutors with no explicit mention of Huckabee’s role in granting clemency over the objections of prosecutors.”

That’s Michelle Malkin…. it’s at her website under ‘Violent felon granted clemency.’  I can’t bring myself to link.

From the Seattle PI blog yesterday.

Mr. Huckabee’s “aw schucks, Goober shine dulled out for me long, long, long ago and quick-like at that.   In my estimation he’s simply Sarah Palin in drag. He’s just as stupid as she is – possibly even dumber, as if that’s possible.  Here’s an interesting ‘tidbit.

But the controversy could deal a fatal blow to his presidential ambitions given past accusations that the conservative pastor was soft on crime. As governor of Arkansas Mr Huckabee helped to grant twice as many pardons and commutations as his three predecessors combined, including Bill Clinton.

Among those benefiting were Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist who was pardoned for a 1975 traffic offence after Mr Huckabee — who plays bass guitar in a band called Capitol Offense — met him at a rock concert.

Whoa – “twice as many pardons … as his three (3!) predecessors COMBINED,” including that goddamned draft-dodging Bill Clinton, ya know.

Huckabee’s train just lurched to a stop in the political cemetery.


3 Responses

  1. Well said, wordsmith. Huck a duck is toast.

  2. And I couldn’t be happier.

  3. To Mike Huckabee,
    To what address do you want me to send the bar of soap?
    I need to know so you can start to wash the blood from your hands of the 4 innocent police officers that you are DIRECTLY responsible for killing, and the rape of the child.
    I hear you are trying to blame others already.
    Don’t think you deserve blame?
    Well listen, if a person opens the gate at a zoo and knowingly lets out a lion, a bear, a poisonous snake etc., and that animal kills someone, then who is to blame for the person’s death? The animal?
    The person who opened the gate of course.
    That’s who you are Mike, a killer and a rapist!!!

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