Convergence at 46th & Kenyon

So this sad saga ends ….. the only way most figured it would.

Suspected Police Killer Shot Dead

in Seattle’s Rainier Valley

King 5 News as well.  The Seattle PI has front page news.

Now we’ll see how Huck-a-Buck responds.  More information here as some of the documents detailing the charges, etc., against Mr. Clemmons were put online yesterday.  The documents from Washington State, Pierce County (Tacoma) were released as well related to Mr. Clemmons.

Now his family will face the repercussions of concealing Mr. Clemmons’ whereabouts, and hopefully we’ll hear little more less of Mr. Huckabee’s political ambitions.

(From the scanner came that the police were sending the media to 46th & Kenyon as Mr. Clemmons had been shot dead at 44th & Kenyon.)

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