Russ Feingold’s answer to the President

Getting ready to watch Rachel Maddow’s show, as well as Keith Olbermann (TiVo) and then switch between CNN and Fox News just to torture myself.

Someone sent me Russ Feingold’s statement in response to President Obama’s speech this evening.

I do not support the president’s decision to send additional troops to fight a war in Afghanistan that is no longer in our national security interest.  It’s an expensive gamble to undertake armed nation-building on behalf of a corrupt government of questionable legitimacy.

This I can get my head around for sure.  The following I’m not too sure. I’m not up on the strategy of destabilization of Afghanistan – and even less so with Pakistan.  Where is India in all this?

Sending more troops could further destabilize Afghanistan and, more importantly, Pakistan, a nuclear-armed state where al Qaeda is headquartered. While I appreciate that the president made clear we won’t be in Afghanistan forever, I am disappointed by his decision not to offer a timetable for ending our military presence there.  I will work with members of both parties and both houses of Congress to push for a flexible timetable to reduce our troop levels in Afghanistan, as part of a comprehensive strategy to combat al Qaeda in the region and around the world.

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