Sherlock Holmes-a-thon

It looks like TCM – Turner Classic Movies – channel 52 for those with Cable One here – is having a marathon of Sherlock Holmes movies.  Most seem to have Basil Rathbone as Mr. Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson.  On a TV near you until 6:00 pm MST

The Scarlet Claw – which I’m currently viewing (love that title!) – is a 1944 production.

Sherlock Holmes investigates a haunting in a Canadian village vital to the war effort.

Fixing to do errands, a few household chores, then lighting a fire and taking on the TiVo, and mulling over whether to go see ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with Robert Downey, Jr., & Jude Law tomorrow.


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  1. I believe TCM is channel 52 here on Pocatello’s Cable One, as well, though I hadn’t noticed a Sherlock Holmes marathon. The new flick looks pretty damn good!

  2. Just got back from driving around.

    I double-checked, TPG. It would be just like me to record the WRONG channel. I only noticed because the titles looked interesting. That new flick DOES look pretty damn good. I like Robert Downey, Jr., so regardless – he won’t disappoint me.

  3. You MUST see the new one- Just don’t expect it to be a parlour room movie- it is Guy Ritchie, after all – It was good, I wrote a little of my thoughts on my blog.

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