“The Sheer Stupidity of this Venture is Mind Boggling”

Here’s the latest from the Idaho Statesman this morning on the kidnapping adventure of a local church.  The comment section is just busting out.

Not much to add to this comment from ‘Shield1:

For crying out loud, if you are not a trained aid worker with a legitimate aid organization or a member of the military with orders to be in Haiti rendering aid to the victims of this natural disaster, you should stay home and let the people who know what they are doing handle this.

You DON’T go over there and collect children you think MIGHT be orphans based on word of mouth and attempt to transport them to another country!!

That’s actually kidnapping and these people SHOULD be charged with kidnapping and child endangerment considering that at the end of this lovely little bus trip, some of those children were dehydrated and ill.

If they were going to pick these children up and then take them out of their country of origin then they could have at least given them water you would think.

Also, one child is reported as stating over and over that she was NOT an orphan.

The sheer stupidity of this venture is mind boggling.


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  1. Yep, that commenter is RIGHT ON!

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