“In Chains for Christ” – Going From Bad to Worse

In a recent ‘interview’ from jail in Port-au-Prince one of the Americans, arrested for allegedly attempting to take some Haitian children from Port-au-Prince across the border into the Dominican Republic, yelled out, “Philippians 1.” From my own background in being dragged from those different evangelical churches by our mother – Foursquare Gospel to Church of the Nazarene to Assembly of God – one of the most cited verses of chapter 1 is #13 which refers to Paul (and Timothy) being “in chains for Christ.”

In chains for Christ.” I could better understand that outburst if these people were Egyptian or Iraqi Christians or maybe facing brutal suppression in China, Burma (Myanmar) or Iran. But not when you’re in a Haitian jail for attempting to spirit away some 33 children across an international border. Not to mention every time they tell their story, it shifts and slides. However true to past form and example, they trudge on. No remorse, no second-guessing from them over their hubris. Nope. They were called by G*d.

Yesterday morning an update post in the New York Times had this sentence.

And while the Americans said they did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site for their orphanage makes clear that they intended to do so.

That’s all there is to say. While they say their intent was NOT to offer any one of those children up for adoption, it is stated in cold, stark black and white print that is (was) precisely their intent. It’s right there, right there under the plan on their website. Along with the call for prayer requests including one for G*d “to continue to grant favor with the Dominican Government in allowing us to bring as many orphans as we can into the DR.

“As many orphans as we can . . . “

Again – from the New York Times:

It is home to many of the children the Americans said they had planned to raise at a new orphanage in the Dominican Republic. The Americans said that the children had been orphaned in the earthquake, and that they had authorization from the Dominican government to bring the children into the country.

But it became clear on Tuesday that at least some of the children had not lost their parents in the earthquake.

How to justify lying while stating you’ve been called by G*d to do this?

This morning’s Idaho Statesman finally did the necessary work of tracking Laura Silsby’s financial trail.  And I have to ask: How in the hell do you forget to register your car not just once, but four times?!  I mean, I ‘tried’ one recent year after being laid off and there were “threatening” post cards in my mailbox from the DMV.  Katy Moeller, the author of the piece in this morning’s Statesman phrased is “a pattern of flouting laws.”  Of course, there’s also the misnomer in the headline of framing Laura Silsby as a “missionary to Haiti” – which she is undoubtedly is not.

For me – this is the motive:  Taking advantage of a desperate situation and turning it into a cash cow.

From their own document. It’s not found under their Purpose; it’s under ‘The Urgent Need’

The number of Haitian orphans is estimated to have increased by 300% as a result of the catastrophic earthquake this past week.  Thousands of children have lost their parents, and are injured, hungry, thirsty, and alone with limited chance of survival without help.

Children pull ALWAYS at people’s heartstrings; they pull at mine.

And this version just reinforces the clandestine nature of this adventure which just simply, goes from bad to worse.

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