My Thoughts on Boise’s Trickster

There are things happening in and around Boise with the legislature, our national congressional delegation from Idaho and congress itself with quite a disturbing update on Bowe Bergdahl to continue focusing on the numbnutz who scurried off to Haiti with questionable intents as they relate(d) to “Haitian orphans.”

I just find the need to get this out of my system. More than likely, I’ll keep half an eye on this story because I want to see the comeuppance for the brazen hubris and white privilege expressed in the actions of these jackasses with their claim of being ‘missionaries’ off to save the ‘poorest of the poor’ – children, homeless without families, without protection or refuge.  All done in the name of their ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ of course.

As I’ve mentioned before my suspicions immediately flared following the reading the document Laura Silsby & her ‘nanny’, Charisa Coulter, devised and wrote up in which they assigned themselves as ‘directors.’ (Page 3). For me it was just the language used – the Christian type catchphrases whose sole intent is draw & suck people in.

There were the obviously ignorant statements made by Laura Silsby such as this: “We had permission from the Dominican Republic government to bring the children to an orphanage that we have there.” I still find it mind-boggling that she actually used that justification.

There were disclosures leaking into a story that at first blush seemed unsinkable, and the suspicions of others’ were aroused, and after those initial days it was quite obvious there really was more to this story than originally touted by those who knew them.  These were not missionaries in the traditional sense who were in Haiti attempting to ease anyone’s burden.  Apparently the only ones who knew or were aware of the real motives were those two ‘directors’ of the New Life Children’s Refuge.

For me one of the most noticeable and disturbing observations about Laura Silsby was her constant smiling and upbeat manner. What made it even more sharp was the contrasting expressions on her compatriots’ faces – the fear and apprehension clearly evident. The only ones who appeared NOT to be frightened or even the least bit anxious, Ms Silsby & Ms Coulter.  It was about that time I reached the conclusion – this woman has some big-ass brass balls:

Silsby asked the prosecutor not only to release the group, but to allow them to continue their work in Haiti.“We simply wanted to help the children,” she said. “We petition the court not only for our freedom but also for our ability to continue to help.”

As the story wound it soon became obvious Laura Silsby was a charlatan with nothing more enlightening than the involvement of the children’s resell store, Other Mothers.  That so-called “passion for their project” led them to target those who could supply that passion.

Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter visited one Boise business numerous times since last spring – and they shared their plans to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic with the store’s owner and patrons.

Like so many others, they got snookered.

They seemed so sincere and really, gosh, passionate about starting this orphanage in the Dominican Republic,” said Nancy Batteen, owner of the children’s clothing re-sale store Other Mothers on Fairview Avenue in Boise.

“Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about them,” Batteen said of Silsby and Coulter, who carried away bags and bags of purchased and donated children’s clothes and stuffed animals.

On their donation page there’s an added explanation regarding the New Life Children’s Refuge.  Although saddened, the owners of ‘Other Mothers’ will withhold judgment, closing with this:

For those of you who generously donated items to this cause, be assured that if we can no longer support the New Life Children’s Refuge, your items will be given to another charity that directly benefits babies & children. Thank you for joining us at Other Mothers, and this great community, who cares so much about children.

There’s much that’s been made of the actions of these folks.  This is where Laura Silsby (and perhaps, Charisa Coulter) should be dissected away from the others.

It wasn’t until police stopped a bus carrying the Haitian children near the border of the Dominican Republic that the nine other Baptists working with Laura Silsby realized that the Boise woman lacked the documents needed to take the children out of Haiti, said Edwin Coq, lawyer for all 10 Baptists.

Silsby knew all along that she lacked the paperwork she needed but led the group to the border anyway, Coq said in a telephone interview with the Idaho Statesman through a translator.

“When she was arrested at the border, she told police she was authorized by the consul general (of the Dominican Republic) to leave the country,” Coq said. “They called the consul general on speaker phone and he said, ‘Laura, I already told you not to leave the country.”

This next week will undoubtedly bring more shit.

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