#16 – The Amazing Race

Update: The first couple has already been eliminated, Dana & Adrian.  The task at hand was crossing some gorge on these teeny thin guide wires somewhere in Valparaíso, Chile.  Would’ve been my downfall that’s for sure. Too terrified of heights.  Adrian ‘fell’ off the line and, incredibly, eventually opted for another go at it with encouragement of his wife. One gutsy guy.


The Amazing Race starts tonite! Here’s a hilarious write-up from E! Online.

Here’s a look at the contestants – it’s just sad . . . .

Regardless it is one of my most favorite of TV shows.


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  1. Miss South Carolina?! You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh boy… should make for an interesting season, if nothing else.

  2. I knew you’d come….. it was like leaving chocolate drops from your blog to mine.

    Just you wait – you have NO idea unless you’ve seen the previews.

  3. Good lord! How the hell did the two idiot females end up in the first and second teams to arrive at the pit stop?! Chile…China…what’s the difference?! And the cowboys and their Brazillian money–HILARIOUS!

  4. One ended up as second and, then – what did they do? Oh! Didn’t ride the funicular or something down the hill! So they were then 7th. But according to Miss Teen S. Carolina they’re “technically 2nd.” But actually 7th, ya fucking doofus!

    I DO NOT KNOW, but I about fell off the couch & choked on my popcorn when they showed up at the end. That male model has the most empty-headed of looks, I swear.

    The Amazing Race of Idiots. The people with brains were smack in the middle and didn’t get much play. Brazil / Chile, Chile / China – wotever…..

  5. Yes, second to arrive, not second to be *checked in*…what morons! Did they think that the instruction about the funicular was just there in the clue for kicks? What idiots!! Maybe once or twice every season they have a team make a screw up and get a penalty, but I’ve never seen it happen so many times in one episode, much less the season premiere! I’m still chuckling about Chile/China and the Brazilian money…

  6. Have previous seasons of the Race been so damn funny??

  7. I’d say – no. However, I’ve only been watching since the pink Goths were on – Kynt & Vyxsin, Nov. 2007. I was wrong about brains; I’m stunned any of them get ANYWHERE. Wait – Gramma & granddaughter, but they were in it purely for pleasure.

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