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First up – Frank Rich’s op-ed at the New York Times. The title says it all: ‘The Axis of the Obsessed & Deranged.’   Oh, come on – you know Idaho is represented.  From 1996 by Timothy Egan, NYT.

BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 10— She says Westerners are at war with the Federal Government, believes that white Anglo-Saxon men are “an endangered species” and has become a hero to fringe groups around the nation who say no one else in Congress will speak up for them.

The same woman who thought the salmon weren’t endangered because ya could buy it at Albertson’s in a 22-ounce can.

Watched a bit of ‘State of the Union’ on CNN this afternoon.  I’m not sure exactly why because I simply cannot stomach Candy Crowley.  Media Matters has video of ole’ Candy catching Mitch McConnell off guard regarding the number of times ReThugs used the reconciliation whilst complaining of the Democrats plan to use it now in relation to health care legislation.

Of course that video won’t be shown ad nauseum on CNN or Fox News, even MSNBC, I’ll just bet, like the one below.  Which plays into the diary written by blackwaterdog (DKos) with cross posting at ‘WEE See You.’


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  1. Are you MIA, Wordsmith?

  2. No – I moved….from a 3rd floor walk-up to a one-level house. I’ll miss the balcony & the fireplace, but not the stairs or the structural thinness. I’ve just been too freakin’ TIRED to do much.

  3. Ah, well I’m glad to hear you’re not MIA. I’ve missed your spot-on commentary.

  4. I missed you, too! I check in pretty regularly, hopefully things pick back up for you soon.

    Hey, that 3rd floor walk up, at least the stairs were relatively easy because they weren’t so far apart! 😉

    That’s my dream. My kids have standing orders when they get rich and famous, to buy mom a house with no stairs…I’m easy to please!

  5. I’m thinking after this weekend. There’s been two places to grapple with – moving everything to one place to the house, where it’s disorganized as all hell – plus cleaning out the apt. Not to mention the third floor walk-up, which was fine usually but NOT to move furniture, boxes, and all kinds of shit down.

    Yes, I had help – much help from my daughter, her husband, my nephews, sister, and, oh – the granddaughter (who’s 4). But I’m 56 and this shit kicked my butt. My back is still sore. The apartment is finished with, and the focus is on the house. Plus the stress of the cats but they’re fine – NOW.

    The stress was killing me, too. Money, the cats…’s settling out – so it’s cool.

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