Wilma Mankiller …..

For Wilma Mankiller

Divine Creator hear our prayer, come, gather our sister’s tired spirit, and take her to the place of the wise elders where she will be among other great spirits.

My condolences to her husband, Charlie.

* Walela: Cherokee Morning Song


4 Responses

  1. What a beautiful song.

    Play it for me when my time to leave this place arrives.

  2. Hey, CC! Whaat’s up!?

    It is a beautiful song, isn’t it? Walela is Rita Coolidge, her sister, Priscilla Coolidge, and her neice (Priscilla’s daughter), Laura Satterfield. I have a couple of their CDs.

    Just about have my little house together so hopefully I can spare some time to blog again. It’s hard to stay inside when outside is RIGHT outside your front door rather than 3 flights down. I mean, there’s still plenty to piss me off.

    Hope you’re doing good.

  3. Get ready to cry.

  4. I saw this today. I don’t remember why or what led me there – someone on Twitter, but I did cry. It’s beautiful.

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