Warning Signs Up following Woychick Deaths

New warning signs have gone up at the crosswalk where Tom and Mary Woychick were killed last August.  I’m going to drive over this afternoon to see exactly how prominent they are.

Here’s a couple of pics courtesy of Troy Colson/KTVB; there’s a few more at their site.

BOISE — The Boise crosswalk where an elderly couple was killed last summer now has new warning signs.

Pedestrian paddles went up on Friday.  They are part of a package of safety improvements in the ParkCenter area.


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  1. Looks like the city is finally on the right track now warning the pedestrians to be on guard for irresponsible motorists if they want to live. How about maybe in the more busy areas using flashing yellow caution lights for the drivers, when crosswalks are in use. Hows-a-bout educating Idaho drivers on the penalties of their car being used as deadly missiles.

    Most motorists would start paying better attention if knowing they could go to jail for long periods of time for running someone over, even accidently. Quite a few pedestrians today are in fear of losing their lives when crossing most Idaho roadway while in crosswalks to get to their desired destinations. Most today haft to be prepared and able to spring out of some cars way, if they don’t want to be killed. I’m a firm believer texting and the use of cell phone should not be used while a person is driving.

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