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“He’s the Real Deal”

For his efforts, Palin delivered a powerful endorsement, calling Ward “one of the most promising conservatives” in the nation. She said he’s pro-gun, pro-life, will fight for lower taxes and the free market.

“He’s the real deal,” Palin said.

Doesn’t this just say it all after all the shit that has come out & down regarding Vaughn Ward – from the latest of copying verbatim text (issue statements) from other legislators websites used as his own (campaign manager?), misleading ad while dressed in full Marine gear violating directive from the Pentagon with more misleading regarding the letter sent to him by the Marine Corps; worked on John McCain’s campaign in Nevada but didn’t vote in that election – period.

While Ward didn’t vote in the last general election, he emphasized that there are many ways to participate in the political process, such as working on a campaign or attending debates and volunteering.

There’s more, much more at Betsy Russell’s exhaustive blog, Eye on Boise.

Nevertheless, what grabbed my attention a bit ago was this comment by Mr. Ward.

“And I wonder right now, today, with the direction our country is going, is it in vain?” Ward said. “(Have) 239 years been in vain? The hundreds of thousands of people that have sacrificed their life for this nation – will that be in vain? Folks, we can’t let it be. Now, this year, is the time that we reclaim Congress and reclaim a hope, a hope in the American Dream.”

And now there’s more fuel being added to Ward’s apparent self-immolation.  Three veterans – all former officers in the military – including two Republicans currently serving in the Idaho legislature are calling for Mr. Ward to resign from the campaign.
The fraud he’s perpetrated on the people of Idaho has been exposed. Now we cannot take him at his word, because we don’t know which words are his and which are stolen. What Major Ward has left is the uniform. I hope and pray he will not further discredit the military and honorably withdraw.

Mr. Ward’s campaign has gone from laughable to just downright dishonest & disrespectful – this example taken from the debate between his opponent (Raul Labrador)  & he.   The question posed was whether Puerto Rico should become a state which led to this exchange.

“I don’t care what state it is or what country is it that wants to become a part of America, it’s not time, it’s not going to be time,” Ward said. “Let’s focus on us first.”

“I just need to correct,” Labrador injected. “Puerto Rico’s not a country.” He suggested Ward take a “civics lesson.” ”

I really don’t care what it is,” Ward replied. “It doesn’t matter.”

It doesn’t matter …. I really don’t care ….

But according to Sarah Palin, Vaugh Ward is “the real deal.”  She also “suggested Labrador’s references to Ward’s miscues were negative charges that “really diminish a candidate” for bringing them up.”  Which only contributes to reinforcing the disdain I hold for her because it’s pretty damned obvious not much is real about Vaughn Ward or her for that matter. That ole phrase – what you see is what you get. You’re not getting it with Vaughn Ward, and yu’ll been forewarned.

*Photo found on Mr. Bad Ass’s website.

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  1. So he’s a liar, a criminal, and hypocrite.

    No wonder the Wasilla White Trash loves him.

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