Saturday Night Cat Blogging

Sooo – it’s been raining all day, pretty steadily.   At one point – for a very long time actually, it was a snow/rain mix.  The cats are pretty sure I’ve done this on purpose; they’re scowling at me.  To make up for the rainy day, here’s a few pics of them in happier times…..last week.

First up – Khaos.  He’s an Egyptian Mau.  He was dumped by someone when he was about 3-4 weeks as we figure.  He follows me everywhere, or did until we moved and he’s suddenly more independent.  I’ll have to work on getting a better picture of his markings.

Then there’s Mr. Nibbles.  He’s a rescue kitty. He’s about 13.  He’s huge; however, I do think rumbling around outside has resulted in some weight loss.  A neighbor who walks her dogs down the alley said Nibs actually ‘charged’ her larger dog – a black lab.  Suddenly, he’s territorial.  I mean, I always thought he was the mellowest cat I’ve ever seen and now he’s yelling for everyone to get off his lawn.  WTF?!

We’ll work on getting better pictures. By the time I think of it they’re usually on the move again.


4 Responses

  1. Great pic’s.

    Is that Mr. Nibbles on the other side of the fence?

    Thanks for posting.

    Now all ya got to do is get them to hold steady and smile 🙂

  2. Yep….I wondered if anyone would notice.

  3. Mr. Nibbles is why Khaos is there…He was watch Mr. N. who is obviously ready to explore outside of the boundary line.

    Puts a smile on this old face.

  4. Out there where Nibs is – that’s the alley. Most of the neighbors use it ‘cuz their garages are off of it. People that live further down walk it with their kids or dogs because about 4 blocks down is a nice little park, which – on the other side of the park another 2 blocks is my daughter’s house. Nibs uses it to throw himself on the ground, roll around on his back, then come in the house and lay in my bed. Have to vacuum out my bed sometimes – jezzus. One of the neighbors told me today he had to waiiiitttt for Nibs to roll back over, get up, and trundle off. Yep – my ole’ Tubby. Plus he’s old now, ya know – 13.

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