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This started a couple of days ago when I ran across this story about a mother duck who has been using D&B Supply on Glenwood as a nesting area for the past 10 years.  A few years back when out at D&B picking up plants, we’d seen her then.  The latest update I saw was on KTVB; however The Boise Guardian is the one who should be receiving credit.  I just loved the message: ‘Just Walk Away.’

Then spotted this about a bobcat family living it up at a golf course in Oceanside, California.  They are indeed too cute.

But the best of all – Barn Owl cam!  Even watching them sleep is engrossing.


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  1. Bobcats are beyond kewl. They are awesome.

    I’ve only seen a few of them in the wild, not very big, but real fast.

    Was walking along one day up in the mountains and look what I saw.

  2. Wow! What I can see of it, it’s one beautiful bobcat. I’m partial to cougars, but they’re kinda dangerous.

    We’re right up against the foothills; I’m going to have to start walking again up there now that I’m closer. Walking in the Kathryn Albertson Park here, I’ve come upon a family of foxes: mother & some kits, but didn’t have my camera or even my phone.

  3. Cougars are basically mountain lions, no? When I’d be walking in the mountains I was the only person who never carried a gun. What I would do to prevent being attacked by mountain lions was to draw a pair of eyes on a paper plate and using a rubber band fasten the plate so it was on the back of my head. The animal would see my “eyes” and not attack. Stop laughing, I never was attacked 🙂

    Actually I was walking with a friend from the flatlands who was visiting.

    I saw the cat and he was basically right on top of us, maybe 15 feet away. Could have easily jumped on one of us.

    Pretty much, I take a camera with me if I even think there might be something worth photographing.

    I’ve never seen a fox in the wild,

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