It’s Fun Being 4

Hell couldn’t be much hotter or muggier than today here.  We don’t do humidity well here.  It’s usually somewhere in the range of 8-12% during the heat of the day, increasing at night contributing to the coolness.  It’ll have to storm to get rid of this godforsaken humidity!

The granddaughter went to the river with the dog – adventuring.  Here’s one of her finds.

Tonight she’s coming over so Mom & Dad can go out.  I’ll have her do the dishes, maybe Swiffer Jet the kitchen floor.   God knows it’s too hot for me to do it!


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  1. Adults think they’re so important… but I’m convinced our primary purpose is to make and provide for 4-year-olds.

  2. I know this 4 year-old thinks so.

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