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The entire circus surrounding Shirley Sherrod is just shameful. From the self-enthralled scumbag Andrew Breitbart posting a doctored video online of Ms Sherrod’s speech on racial reconciliation (redemption) to the embarrassing response by the Dept. of Agriculture – not to mention jumping the sharp by the NAACP.  All for false equivalency.  Media Matters posted a time-line here.

During it all Ms Sherrod spoke to various media outlets about what transpired.  One of the ‘stories’ she passed along regarding the torment her own family underwent throughout her childhood was the incident in which her relative (an uncle, I believe), Bobby Hall, was murdered by three police officers in Baker County, Georgia.  Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator got on his high horse and decided the story was falsified primarily based upon semantics surrounding the her use of the word ‘lynch.’

Jeffrey Lord’s protestation to the use of ‘lynch’ – simply put, the 30 year-old Bobby Hall could not have been lynched because he wasn’t hanged.  In reading that, I knew his logic was deficient.  Lynching covers being put to death, “esp. by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.” (I used dictionary.com; Cynthia Tucker of the AJC used American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).  Then next up was the defining of ‘mob’ although Ms Sherrod didn’t use the word; it’s in the definition.  Another time with that, perhaps.

What caught my eye was Mr. Lord’s most recent idiocy showcased by mistermix at Balloon Juice this afternoon, ‘Just Can’t Shut Up.’  Here, Lord lays out his ideas in wooing the black voter to the ReThuglican party – oh, so sorry – the GOP.  His research has yielded that his “friends on the American left, in the Democratic party have just had this atrocious history with racial issue… I mean it just can’t possibly be any worse. I’ve gone back and read all the platforms for the Democratic party starting in 1840 which was the first one.”

As he asserts later:

“Get out there and engage on race,” Lord said. “There’s no reason in the world that we can’t be getting the black vote. But it’s our job to separate black from left and talk about left and right.”

Separate black from left and talk about left and right.  There’s no reason to doubt Mr. Lord’s, uh, sincerity? However, I’d really like to see the blueprint for that plan.  As it is, I tend to agree with jayjaybear’s analysis:

July 28th, 2010 at 11:41 am

Republicans woo minority voters like kindergarten boys woo kindergarten girls: put frogs in their pockets, threaten to spit on them, and call them “Poopface”.

The only way the GOP is going to woo minority voters is to be blunt and upfront about the racism dangerously rampant in their party and that seems inherent in those embracing the so-called Tea Party. Otherwise, it ain’t happenin’.

Interestingly a colleague at ‘The American Spectator’ takes Jeffrey Lord to task over his blunder.  Lord’s piece was entitled, ‘Sherrod Story False’; the respondent, John Tobin’s piece is ‘Sherrod Story True.‘  It is considerably more concise and more factual than the former.


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  1. Agreed shameful in many respects. Mostly cause neither the White House nor the trad med are taking responsibility for their complicity in her firing or calling out Breitbart for fraud. But good news. She’s suing him for slander.

  2. Yeah, I saw she was suing him for slander. I’ve heard others – much more lawyerly than me – saw she has a tremendous case.

    Too many of those in the traditional media are corporate whores. They bought into classicism and the lifestyle is just too much to lose.

    The WH is another matter; I’m too disappointed in their bullshit reaction.

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