M. Dowd on the Importance of Birthdays

Why does Maureen Dowd still have a job writing?

I cannot believe this was even an issue, such as it is, like no one has moved beyond 3rd grade.  Seriously?

Some of the women anchoring news shows on MSNBC debated whether the first lady was being “mean” to her husband by deserting him on his birthday for a girls’ getaway to Spain, and whether it was sort of sad, as one put it, that the president, drowning in troubles, had to go to Chicago to find friends (including Oprah) to celebrate with.

So someone – women, nonetheless – actually spent time discussing the First Lady’s ‘meanness’ level.  Tell me something.  Don’t married couples sometime spend time apart? Is it so hard to believe the Obamas actually have a fairly solid marriage and it’s not necessary to spend every waking moment with each other?


And WHEN did it become okay to examine every aspect of the First Lady’s life and work and diss it?

She seemed to be gigging her husband a bit: I’m going to do what I want to do. I can’t worry about whether it gives the Tea Partiers ammo or makes Democrats (including you) campaigning against the excesses of the rich look hypocritical. Even if the country is sliding into a double-dip recession, I’m going abroad to a five-star hotel on Air Force Two and give a boost to another country’s economy.

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